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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Garangolm strategy, weakness, and how to get Garangolm materials

How to take down the first of the Three Lords.

Garangolm is one of the first unique new monsters in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

As one of the Three Lords, and with fists that size, it packs quite a punch.

Whether you're taking it down for the first time as an Urgent Quest in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, or you're farming for materials, there are several Garangolm strategies and weaknesses to learn about, and when you're ready, the many ways to get Garangolm Hardfang, Fist, Ploughtail and Large Beast Gem.

Check out our Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak walkthrough and monsters list if you want to see when you'll encounter this titan yourself.

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How to prepare for Garangolm for the first time

As far as the story is concerned, Garangolm is your first real test in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

This Fanged Beast monster reinforces its arms 'by covering them in elements'.

In practice, this means punching you with blast and water damage, so if you're worried about your defense, make sure you equip Antiblast decorations and eat some dango that give you high water protection.

Being that it attacks with water, Garangolm is weakest to thunder attacks; and since it loves to be covered in moss, it's surprisingly weak to fire attacks.

Don't bother bringinging a water or dragon weapon. However, blast weapons and anything that gives fireblight will stand you in good stead.

Garangolm weakness

Garangolm weaknesses:

  • Fire - Medium (but it's weak to fireblight, so bear that in mind!)
  • Water - Null
  • Thunder - High
  • Ice - Low
  • Dragon - Null
  • Poison - Low
  • Stun - Low
  • Paralysis - Low
  • Sleep - Low
  • Blast - Medium
  • Exhaust - Null
  • Fireblight - Medium
  • Waterblight - Low
  • Thunderblight - Medium
  • Iceblight - Low

How to beat Garangolm in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Garangolm is a unique new monster that uses an attack pattern quite unlike what you'll be used to.

Based on King Kong, this normally placid beast will hit like an absolute tank when enraged. At this point, it utilises its symbiotic relationship with the flora around it, to cover its fists in elemental gunk.

It then punches with one blasty fist (the red rocky one) to launch itself into the air before whacking you with its other, moss-covered watery fist. This dual-element style is pretty impressive and a nice addition to the Monster Hunter roster.

Fortunately, when it's not blasting itself around the screen, this hulking beast is fairly slow and easy to avoid.

Bring a bunch of Mega Potions just in case you get hit though, because its ultimate attack (when you see the ground underneath it glow red), can easily take off two-thirds of your health.

As with any monster encounter, once you've learned its attack pattern, you can run circles around it, meaning that while it's a pretty cool fight with an excellent monster design, it's not much of a challenge for seasoned hunters.

The plan here is to enrage it (make it cover its fists in the elemental gunk) and then wallop the fists until they break. This will send it tumbling and revert it back to its low-powered state. Rinse and repeat until you're swimming in rewards.

It's worth noting that while you may feel inclined to stand under it to whack its fists with your choice of melee weapon, you do so at your own peril.

One of this monster's attacks will see it launch itself into the air, and then come crashing down on you with its full weight. It's no small beast either, so consider yourself warned.

Learn how to start Sunbreak - the first expansion - and from there, how to unlock Master Rank, use Switch Skill swap, and progress onward with our Monster Hunter Sunbreak walkthrough. There's also a monsters list, as well as individual pages on beating Garangolm, Lunagaron and Shogun Ceanataur. For the base game, we have a number of Monster Hunter Rise tips and lists of ore locations, bone locations, weapon types, how to use Insect Glaives and Kinsects, details of how to join friends in multiplayer, how to capture monsters and learn about wirebugs and great wirebugs.

How to get Garangolm materials Hardfang, Fist, Ploughtail, Large Beast Gem and more

The following materials are available from Garangolm, depending on what you break off, carve or receive as a reward:

Garangolm Master Rank materials list

  • Garangolm Cortex - Most often dropped, but also carved, captured, broken and as a target reward
  • Garangolm Shard - Most often as a capture reward, but also as a carve, broken part and target reward
  • Golm Thick Juice - Most often dropped, but also broken, carved and a target reward
  • Garangolm Hardfang - Most often broken, but also dropped, carved and as a target reward
  • Golm Ploughtail - Very often broken (carve the tail), but also rarely (less than 10% chance) as a capture reward and as a target reward
  • Large Beast Gem - Very rarely (less than 5% chance) from capture or broken parts or as a target reward, and even more rarely as a carve or drop
  • Garangom Fist - Most often from breaking, but also as a capture reward

If you want to increase your materials gains, then consider learning how to capture monsters to get even more for your efforts.

Looking for more challenges? See our Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak walkthrough and monsters list.

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