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Monster Hunter mobile game in development at Tencent's Pokemon Unite studio

Aiming to "reproduce the hunting actions that define" the series.

Capcom's hugely successful Monster Hunter series is taking another stab at the mobile market courtesy of a newly announced partnership with Tencent.

More specifically, the project is a collaboration between Capcom and Timi Studio Group - the Tencent-owned developer behind the likes of Call of Duty mobile, Pokemon Unite, and Arena of Valor - and promises to "reproduce the hunting actions that define the Monster Hunter series" for mobile devices and phones.

"This first-time partnership between TiMi and Capcom will combine the experience and strengths of both sides," reads the press release announcing the news, "allowing Monster Hunter to scale to more platforms with an aim to give global hunters - experienced or new - the freedom to hunt as they desire, anytime and anywhere."

Monster Hunter Rise's Sunbreak expansion launched on PC and Switch earlier this year.

Specifics remain extremely limited at present, but more is set to be revealed soon.

Recent years have, of course, finally seen Monster Hunter breaking free of its 'niche' reputation in the west, with the likes of Monster Hunter World and follow-up Monster Hunter Rise helping catapult the franchise into the major leagues. Capcom recently confirmed Monster Hunter Rise sales had surpassed 11m units worldwide, bringing the series total up to 88m - and making it the publisher's second best-selling series after Resident Evil.

A successful mobile adaptation could help push that number up significantly higher.

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Monster Hunter Rise

PC, Nintendo Switch

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

PC, Nintendo Switch

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