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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Switch Skill Swap and how to use Swap Evade

Swap Switch Skills on the fly!

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak adds even more for players to do in the already jam-packed action role-playing game.

There are new skills for all 14 original Monster Hunter Rise weapons, and even a way to swap between them on the fly. This is called Switch Skill Swap, and can really open up combat options while out hunting in the field.

You'll find an explainer on how Switch Skill Swap works in Monster Hunter Rise , as well as Swap Evade, which allows more added mobility when dodging.

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If you're interested in more help, we have pages on Sunbreak starting requirements, a monsters list and a Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak walkthrough.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak launch trailer

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Switch Skill Swap explained

The Sunbreak expansion for Monster Hunter Rise has added a tonne of new content to the game. There are new Switch Skills and slots for every weapon, adding more variety and options when hunting. In addition to this, players can now use Switch Skill Swap to switch between two skill loadouts on the fly.

Head to a Tent or Item Box. (Image Credit: Capcom)

First off, head to any Item Box or tent and select 'Change Switch Skills.' From here you will see options for Red Scroll and Blue Scroll loadouts. These essentially allow you to create two separate Switch Skill loadouts, each with five slots. These are what you will be swapping between when you use the Switch Skill Swap. If you'd like to save any of the builds you create, just select 'Switch Skill Loadouts.'

You'll be able to set Red and Blue Scrolls. (Image Credit: Capcom)

Now, you'll just need to hold ZL (R for Gunner control scheme) and press X + A simultaneously to swap between the two scrolls. Doing so will activate a new set of Switch Skills. Use this to vary your attacks while hunting. If you're playing on PC, hold the middle click ( and press left + right click simultaneously. For the Gunner control scheme, hold Shift and press M4+ M5 simultaneously.

Set loadouts to save favourite Skill configurations. (Image credit: Capcom)

Learn how to start Sunbreak - the first expansion - and from there, how to unlock Master Rank, use Switch Skill swap, and progress onward with our Monster Hunter Sunbreak walkthrough. There's also a monsters list, as well as individual pages on beating Garangolm, Lunagaron and Shogun Ceanataur. For the base game, we have a number of Monster Hunter Rise tips and lists of ore locations, bone locations, weapon types, how to use Insect Glaives and Kinsects, details of how to join friends in multiplayer, how to capture monsters and learn about wirebugs and great wirebugs.

How to use Swap Evade in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Swap Evade allows you to immediately dodge after using Switch Skill Swap. Once you've swapped to a new scroll, just dodge to activate it. It works in the same way as a regular dodge, but has increased invulnerability range. Use this to give yourself some space after swapping between Switch Skill Loadouts. Dodge is B on Nintendo Switch, and Space Bar on PC.

Stay tuned for more on Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. To make sure you're prepared, take a look at our Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak weapons guide for info on all the new skills and changes added as part of the expansion.

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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

PC, Nintendo Switch

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