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Here's where you can pre-order Monster Hunter Rise - including Deluxe and Collector's Edition

We've outlined all the info you need to get your hands on the latest Monster Hunter game as early as possible.

Monster Hunter Rise is coming to the Nintendo Switch on March 26th 2021, and after the particular critical success of the previous game, people are excited to start pre-ordering and to see what Capcom has to offer this time. Specifically, they seem to be offering ninjas, as we're apparently starting this game in the "ninja-inspired" Kamura village, battling off local threats and working our way up the food chain from there.

Monster Hunter as a franchise is primarily about the core loop, slaying huge monsters and using the rewards to build yourself bigger and better weapons and armour, which you can then put back towards slaying even huger monsters. There's also an emphasis on personalisation and finding your own preferred methodology, with over a dozen types of weapon to pick from. Once you know what you want, go marching out into the open world to hunt down your target.

As we saw in the latest Nintendo Direct Mini, Monster Hunter Rise looks like it's putting a few twists on the formula, including the new addition of the Wirebug, a small insect that can be used, oddly enough, like a combination of Navi and a grappling hook.

There are also pre-order bonuses available: buying it before the game is out will get your special cosmetics for the Palamute and Calico pets, as well as a "Novice Talisman" which can apparently help out in the early game. If you buy the Deluxe edition, you'll get even more extras: new armour, gestures, further pet cosmetics, and more.

Below, we've laid out all the places where Monster Hunter Rise is currently available to pre-order, whether it's the standard, deluxe or collector's edition. We'll also be sure to update this page as new information and announcements are made, so keep watching!

Retailer Standard Deluxe Edition Collector's Edition
Amazon UK Pre-order for £39.99 - Pre-order for £89.99
Amazon US Pre-order for $59.99 Pre-order for $69.99 Pre-order for $99.99
Nintendo Official UK Store Pre-order for £49.99 - Pre-order for £89.99
ShopTo Pre-order for £39.85 - Pre-order for £89.85
Game Pre-order for £39.99 - -
Simply Games Pre-order for £42.85 - Pre-order for £89.95
Amazon DE Pre-order for €59.99 - -
GameStop Pre-order for $59.99 Pre-order for $69.99 Pre-order for $99.99
Best Buy Pre-order for $59.99 Pre-order for $69.99 Pre-order for $99.99
Nintendo eShop UK Pre-order for £49.99 Pre-order for £59.99 -
Nintendo eShop US Pre-order for $59.99 Pre-order for $69.99 -
Cover image for YouTube videoMonster Hunter Rise - Announcement Trailer

That's all the information we have right now, but as mentioned, we'll be sure to update as we find out more details along the way. If you're also looking to get a Switch to go with that game, we've got the best Nintendo Switch deals for you to browse right here as well. Alternatively, check out our sister site Jelly Deals for even more great discounts on gaming products and more, or take a peek at the Jelly Deals Twitter page for up-to-the-minute info on all the best offers around the internet.