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Lego Dimensions gets Goonies, Lego City and Hermione in May

Hey you guys!

Lego Dimensions' second year continues on 12th May with the arrival of packs themed around 80s movie favourite The Goonies, upcoming HD re-release Lego City Undercover and... Hermione from Harry Potter.

Dimensions' The Goonies pack adds both a fresh level and adventure world to the sprawling toys-to-life game. You also get a minifigure of Sloth, plus a pirate ship and skeleton organ to build.

All of the Goonies are playable, with Chunk available from the off to perform his trademark Truffle Shuffle.

Next up, the Lego City pack gives you a Lego City Undercover-themed adventure world, which seems a little superfluous if you're also interested in the main game's upcoming HD re-release, but still.

The pack also gives you a Chase McCain minifig, which I'm on board with, and a dinky Lego helicopter.

Finally, there's Hermione from Harry Potter. There's nothing wrong with her character, but she only unlocks the Harry Potter adventure world, which fans will likely already have access to via the Harry/Voldemort set.

Still, every set, including Hermione's, has its own local multiplayer arena if you're into that side of things.

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Before the above, Lego Dimensions is just days away from getting its Lego Batman Movie Story Pack and Knight Rider additions.

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