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Lego Dimensions Easter egg references Ghostbusters movie controversy

Ain't afraid of no roast.

Lego Dimensions' new Ghostbusters adaptation includes a cheeky nod at the internet drama that enveloped this year's movie.

If you missed the saga (lucky you), then to quickly recap: certain people decided they really didn't like the idea of a new Ghostbusters film - especially one that changed the team to be all female instead of all male.

We played Dimensions' Ghostbusters Story Pack over the weekend (it launched in the UK last Friday), and found a cameo from the movie's famed writer and director Paul Feig, in which he appears to reference the whole controversy.

You can find Feig hidden in the Story Pack's first level, where he's locked in a cupboard. You'll need Batman or someone with his powers to rescue him.

"I wonder if they'd be mad if I remade 'Back to the Future'," he ponders when you let him out.

Feig has previously joked about announcing a Back to the Future remake, which, to be clear, is definitely not happening - just to annoy the Ghostbusters internet trolls.

"People have dedicated two years of their lives to being angry we exist," Feig lamented to CBS News back in July. "Now it's almost at an end, I'm kinda like, I'm gonna go announce a reboot of 'Back to the Future' so these people have something to do for the next two years."

Here's the cameo in question:

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It certainly sounds like Feig's voice in the game. The rest of the new Ghostbusters cast returned to record new lines for Dimensions so it wouldn't be a surprise if Feig also lent his vocal talent.

We've asked publisher Warner Bros. to verify if Feig himself did voice his cameo. [UPDATE: Warner Bros. has confirmed it is indeed Feig voicing his Lego character.]

The Ghostbusters Story Pack includes a six-level story campaign covering the movie in the usual Lego style, as well as a minifigure of Melissa McCarthy's Abby Yates, a mini Lego Ghostbusters car and a fresh Lego desktop theme for your portal.

We're still playing through the expansion but so far it seems like a good fit in length for the movie and a neat way of bringing the new Ghostbusters team into the wider Lego Dimensions multiverse, which just entered its experimental second year. I caught up with Dimensions producer Mark Warburton at EGX last week to find out about everything that's in store.