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It took Lego Dimensions players over a year to find the secret Portal Easter egg

I'm a rat man.

More than a year after Lego Dimensions launched, a committed team of fans have hunted down an extremely well-hidden secret.

Dimensions includes a cool Easter egg for fans of Valve's Portal - one of the original franchises featured in the base game.

In Portal, you can find hidden dens within the game's walls, said to have been made by Doug "Rat Man" Rattmann - a lonely scientist left alive in GLaDOS' testing chambers, slowly going crazy while left by himself.

These are replicated within Lego Dimensions' Portal level - although now fans have discovered that the Rat Man himself can be glimpsed too (thanks, BrickstoLife).

Back in September, Lego Dimensions producer Mark Warburton teased that there were still secrets in the game yet to be uncovered by fans.

A team of hardcore Dimension players heard the call and took to scouring the game, with a little help from TT Games as to where they should look.

It's still taken another two months to uncover Rat Man, however - who makes blink-and-you'll-miss-them appearances in the level's first, third, fifth and ninth Aperture Science test chambers.

You'll need Chell and her portal gun, plus a fast flying vehicle to spot them all:

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Above are all of the Rat Man spots uncovered so far. Great work, Dimensions players.

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