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Latest Splatoon 3 update improves online communication

Plus bug fixes galore.

Nintendo has released a new update for Splatoon 3 that brings communication improvements.

Since launch, players have complained of poor communication when playing online, causing inconsistent gameplay, errors, and game crashes.

Now data transfer has been improved between players so that, according to the patch notes, data will on average be transferred "about .05 seconds more quickly than before".

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That means users can "expect to see a reduction in the time it takes from a player being dealt damage to them being defeated, the time it takes from touching a Golden Egg to actually picking it up, and other similar actions".

"These improvements cannot fully compensate for a slow or unreliable internet connection," the update notes.

Version 1.2.0 brings a whole host of other tweaks.

Firstly, in preparation for their release, the game supports the Inkling (Yellow), Octoling (Blue), and Smallfry amiibo.

To balance weapons in multiplayer, the Fizzy Bomb now takes longer to recover ink, while the Flingza Roller, Sloshing Machine, and REEF-LUX 450 require more points to activate specials.

Other improvements include reduced time for matchmaking in certain modes, reduced battle latency, and small quality of life changes to the lobby.

There are also plenty of bug fixes to player controls, multiplayer battles, Salmon Run, Story Mode and more.

Check out the patch notes for a full list of bug fixes.

"The next update will focus on new features for the season beginning in December, weapon balance changes, and changes to the Splatfest Tricolor Attack mode. It is scheduled to be released at the end of the current season," says Nintendo.

The next Splatfest is set to take place in November in honour of the release of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

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