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It Takes Two launches this November on Nintendo Switch

It's a small world.

Hazelight Studios' acclaimed It Takes Two will be coming to Nintendo Switch on 4th November, with pre-orders open now.

This Switch port, annouced as part of today's Direct, will offer local wireless play via a Friends Pass which lends this version of It Takes Two its own edge.

It Takes Two trailer.

In It Takes Two, players take on the role of unhappily married couple Cody and May. A turn of events leaves the couple trapped inside the bodies of two dolls that were made by their daughter, Rose. The twosome must work together to complete multiple tests presented to them by It Takes Two's relationship therapist, Dr. Hakim... The Book of Love.

Eurogamer gave It Takes Two a Recommended badge on its release, with Bertie calling it a "delightful co-op", but one that is held back by its "irritating story".

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It Takes Two

PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC

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