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How to schedule events in Two Point Campus, including SU party and campus cook-off events

Complete challenges and earn rewards by scheduling events in Two Point Campus.

During Piazza Lanatra, the second university available in the Two Point Campus main campaign, you’ll be given the challenge to schedule events.

Schedule an SU party is the first event challenge in Two Point Campus, but you’ll eventually have to win a campus cook-off in this level as well.

We’ll cover everything you need to know about events below, and be sure to also check out our easy money and how to get more Kudosh pages as well.

Cover image for YouTube videoWelcome to the Academic Year! | Two Point Campus (PEGI)
Welcome to the Academic Year! | Two Point Campus (PEGI).

How to schedule events in Two Point Campus

To complete an SU party, campus cook-off, funny film, and other student activities, you’re going to need to schedule the event first.

To schedule an event in Two Point Campus you first need to select the required room, then press the ‘Event Setup’ icon on the upper left-hand corner of the room's submenu. This is the symbol that looks like a calendar with a tick and a plus sign.

Choose the calendar with the tick and plus symbol to schedule and event in Two Point Campus.

All the events you’re able to run in that particular room will then be shown. Click on the event you want to schedule to bring up its customisable settings. Here, you can rename the event, change when it starts, make it last longer, and choose to make it a yearly occurrence, or just a one-off.

If you have enough money to start it, you can then click the ‘Book Event’ option to schedule an event. Once it’s over, you’ll complete your challenge, and can also earn some additional rewards for certain event types. Like completing an SU party, which will increase your students’ movement speed by 10%, and their happiness by 30%.

If you find that you’re not able to schedule an event in Two Point Campus, you might be too close to the end of the year. Or, you might not meet the requirements. The campus cook-off event, for example, requires you to be at Gastronomy Course Level 1, and have at least three gastronomy students currently enrolled in your campus.

You have to meet the campus and room requirements to schedule an event.

Later on in the campaign, and while playing in Sandbox mode, you’ll also find that some events require specific items to start them. You’ll see what these items are in the requirements box when setting an event up.

Hope you're having fun in Two Point Campus!

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