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How to get Larvesta and evolution Volcarona in Pokémon Go

How to catch the Torch and Sun Pokémon in Pokémon Go!

Larvesta and Volcarona, its evolution, are two Gen 5 Pokémon who debuted in Pokémon Go during the Season of Rising Heroes.

Released as part of the An Instinctive Hero event in Pokémon Go, these Bug and Fire-type Pokémon have a connection to the sun; Larvesta is also known as The Larva That Stole The Sun and Volcarona is considered the embodiment of the sun in some parts of the Pokémon universe.

Below you’ll learn how to get Larvesta and evolve it into Volcarona in Pokémon Go.

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How to get Larvesta in Pokémon Go

Larvesta and Volcarona, its evolution, made their first appearance in Pokémon Go on Tuesday 2nd May 2023 at the beginning of the An Instinctive Hero event.

Here’s how you can find Larvesta during the An Instinctive Hero event:

  • Hatching 2km, 5km and 10km eggs - These eggs must be the ones collected during the An Instinctive Hero event, which is running from Tuesday 2nd May at 10am (local time) to Monday 8th May at 8pm (local time).

Since Larvesta can only be found by hatching eggs, everyone has a lot of walking to do in the near future. (Unless you’ve been hoarding Incubators.)

We recommend focusing on the eggs with the shortest hatch distance. So if you have both a 2km and 5km egg which could hatch a Larvesta, for example, then place the 2km egg in your unlimited Incubator. This will help free up space in your egg storage quicker and, in doing so, help you hatch more eggs during the An Instinctive Hero event.

If you do have any spare Incubators, then this event is a good time to use them especially if you collect any 10km eggs which may hatch a Larvesta.

Thankfully once the An Instinctive Hero event ends, Larvesta will be join the 2km, 5km and 10km egg pools for the rest of the Season of Rising Heroes.

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How to evolve Larvesta into Volcarona in Pokémon Go

To evolve Larvesta into Volcarona in Pokémon Go you need to collect 400 Larvesta Candy.

Since Larvesta has joined Magikarp and Noibat in the 'Pokémon who need 400 candy to evolve' club, it may take you some time to evolve one into a Volcarona.

Thankfully there are a number of ways to increase your candy yield:

  • The double hatch candy bonus running during the An Instinctive Hero event will help you gather a good amount of candy from hatching Larvesta. For this reason, we recommend focusing on hatching 2km and 5km eggs as they have a lower walking distance. If you don’t manage to hatch all of the eggs you collect during the An Instinctive Hero event, then you can wait until this bonus returns.
  • The Spotlight Hour on Tuesday 16th May between 6pm to 7pm (local time) has a double transfer candy bonus. Waiting until this day to transfer any Larvesta you don’t fancy keeping will net a small amount of extra candy.
  • Walking with Larvesta as your buddy will allow you to gather candy while you’re out exploring the world with Pokémon Go.
  • Use Rare Candy for extra Larvesta candy!

Hopefully the above tips will bring you a little closer to adding Volcarona to your Pokédex.

Good luck catching and evolving Larvesta!

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