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Here's a peek at Elden Ring's character creation system

"From Soft can actually make human-looking faces now".

Elden Ring's character creation system has reportedly leaked online.

Having seemingly participated in a recent closed network test, YouTuber ER-SA shared the six-minute teaser, which - despite many hidden, broken, and/or missing components - gives a taste of what players can look forward to when Elden Ring releases next month.

Given we can't be sure how long this video will stay up, if you're keen to see it in action I'd recommend you check out the video below sooner rather than later:

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"Finally you can easily create a good looking character now :P," says the brief video description. "A big upgrade from previous games character creation."

Although the text on the sliders themselves are blanked out, ER-SA takes us through every option, showing pre-sets and a bevvy of body types, races, hairstyles, and facial hair, and facial features that can be meticulously tweaked with sliders. You can even customise the colour of skin and hair with your own bespoke shade, be that realistic or otherwise - in the video, the character's skin is briefly bright red and later yellow (thanks, VGC).

Many commenters reflected on how improved the models and textures now are, describing it as "night and day" when compared with From Soft's prior games. Some are delighted that From Software "can actually make human-looking faces now", while others are just pleased you can still turn your character into "House of Wax abominations if desired".

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Elden Ring is currently due to release for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC on 25th February, following a one-month delay. Aoife was given a 17-minute behind-closed-doors tour of its vast, interconnected world towards the end of last year.

Details of a new - and hitherto unannounced - instalment of From Software's Armored Core popped up online yesterday.

A From Software fan reportedly received a consumer survey directly from the developer which offered plot details, eight screenshots, and even two videos about the unannounced sequel.

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