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Fall Guys season two goes out of this world on 15th September

Where no bean has gone before.

Fall Guys developer Mediatonic has revealed details and the launch date for its space-themed season two.

Season one was called Free For All, and was (obviously) related to the free-to-play soft relaunch Fall Guys had back in June.

Season two is titled Satellite Scramble, and is all about (you guessed it) space!

Watch the cinematic trailer for Satellite Scramble.

Mediatonic has been teasing space exploration for a bit, with the limited time Satellite Repair Mission event that started running last week.

Now that the satellite has been fixed, the battling beans have been able to share more about what's coming up in Fall Guys' next season.

In the announcement on the official Fall Guys website, Mediatonic listed lots of new modes - Tiptoe Finale will see you team up with other players against up to four other squads, in Starchart you'll have to navigate over invisible paths, and Space Race will bring the Gauntlet mode to the outer reaches of the universe.

A new season pass will be available for the new season, which will get you "100+ levels of costume, emote and celebration unlocks". Costumes for Spock, Xenomorph and Hatsune Miku were confirmed in the announcement as part of the season pass. A free track will be available for those who don't want to purchase the season pass.

Fall Guys season two season pass
Teaser for the rewards available in the season pass.

Fall Guys Satellite Scramble starts on 15th September across all platforms. Read the full details on what's coming in in Mediatonic's blog announcement.

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