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Elden Ring boss' horse has a name you might not expect

Spoiler warning...

Elden Ring's mighty General Radahn is certainly a sight to behold, thanks to his towering frame, tusked helmet and absolutely gigantic swords. But as imposing as he most certainly is, he is also unintentionally comical thanks to his insistence on riding a comparatively teeny tiny horse into battle.

PSA, there are some spoilers for Elden Ring ahead.

So, it turns out, there is actually more to this horse than just its ability to support Radahn's presumably colossal weight (something made possible by gravity-based magic, but more on that in a moment). This little fella actually has a name, as discovered by self-proclaimed Dark Souls hacker Zullie. General Radahn's chosen mount is called... Leonard.

Yes, this fearless, noble, warrior-worthy steed from the Lands Between has a pretty unremarkable name despite its very remarkable circumstances. I am enjoying the idea of a tiny little toddler version of Radahn coming up with his horse's name while his parents' titter in the background.

Earlier I mentioned that Leonard was able to support his master thanks to gravity-based magic. This is actually a really wholesome little piece of Elden Ring lore (thanks for sharing GamesRadar).

Apparently, Radahn felt compelled to learn some gravity-based magic to ensure he could keep riding Leonard. When Radahn got to a size beyond his steed's natural carrying capacity, this magic was used to circumnavigate Leonard's physical limitations. Awww.

Well, it is all very cute until you see Radahn gorging on various corpses in the Wailing Dunes like a feral dog. That bit of Elden Ring is a little less wholesome.

Elsewhere, someone has beaten fellow FromSoft game Dark Souls using nothing but poop.

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