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Elden Ring mod makes it a Silent Hill-esque horror game

Praise the fog.

Elden Ring has been turned into a Silent Hill-esque horror game using a new mod.

Of course, that can only mean one thing: fog everywhere!

Streamer LilAggy - best known for his Elden Ring speedruns and completing Dark Souls using poop - installed a mod that adds the blizzard effect from the Consecrated Snowfield across the entire Lands Between.

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The mod also turns off the HUD and randomises enemies, turning Elden Ring into a true horror experience where visibility is poor and terrifying enemies can jump out at any point.

The mod also removes map details, making navigation particularly tricky.

Modder Matt Gruen is behind this new mod work - it'll be made public soon.

You can check out LilAggy's stream of the mod in action on Twitch.

On the subject of Elden Ring mods, fans are anticipating The Convergence mod that's set to drastically change gameplay - at least, if it's anything like similar work done for Dark Souls 3.

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