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Elden Ring mod pits bosses against each other

Beware spoilers.

A new mod for Elden Ring removes the humble human from the fray, and instead pits the game's mighty bosses against each other.

"Elden Ring Boss VS Boss is finally here, and it is bigger than ever!" writes modder Garden of Eyes. "This video showcases the ultimate battle of the Shattering: Starscourge Radahn versus Malenia, the Goddess of Rot!"

So, without further ado, here are the two mighty warriors butting more than just heads with each other (thanks, Kotaku).

In the video's comments, Garden of Eyes welcomes viewers to the "first ever Elden Ring Boss VS Boss video", hinting there will be more to titanic clashes to come.

This is not the only time that Garden of Eyes has pitted two imposing foes against each other. Their other work includes an epic boss battle that sees Bloodborne's Lady Maria taking on Resident Evil Village's Lady Dimitrescu.

The modder also helped to create Bloodborne's first-person mod and additionally restored the cut shortcut door behind Bloodborne's Cleric Beast.

As for Elden Ring, well it has been a huge success for FromSoftware. In just over two weeks it has easily surpassed all sales predictions and today it was announced the game has sold an incredible 12m copies since its launch.

Elden Ring? More like Elden Win!

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