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Modders make Bloodborne first-person

And Elden Ring is next on the list.

Bloodborne has a first-person mod that goes beyond simply moving the camera.

Modder Garden of Eyes worked with modder Zullie the Witch, who created the Dark Souls 3 first-person mod, to create Bloodborne's first-person mod. Trailer is below:

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As you'd expect, Bloodborne's combat looks and feels entirely different in first-person, where you don't have as comprehensive a view of the action afforded by a third-person perspective. The bosses in particular look extra scary up close!

Here's how it works: the mod adds a new headpiece, dubbed Great One Hat, which is earned at the very start of the game. Wear it to enable the first-person perspective. You'll note the disembodied hands - Garden of Eyes had to edit some of the holding animations for some of the weapons so they had a proper view when wielded.

Watch on YouTube

Zullie the Witch walked Garden of Eyes through how she made her Dark Souls 3 first-person mod to help build a correct approach for the PlayStation 4 exclusive.

"The first-person mod has a storied history, owing to the fact From Software has barely changed their camera from Demon's Souls all the way to Sekiro, outside of the black sheep, Dark Souls 2," Zullie the Witch commented on YouTube.

"In many ways, this is the same mod I created way back in Dark Souls, passed through Dark Souls 3 and Sekiro, finally snaking its tendrils into Bloodborne. I can't wait to bring it to Elden Ring too."

The mod is also compatible with Lance McDonald's 60FPS patch.

Garden of Eyes plans to release the Bloodborne first-person mod via their Patreon soon.

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