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Bloodborne modder releases 60fps patch

Good form software.

Celebrated modder Lance McDonald has released his Bloodborne patch that makes the game run at 60 frames per second on PlayStation 4.

Back in October 2020, McDonald said he would give Sony a chance to update From Software's masterpiece to run at 60fps first. That hasn't happened, so McDonald has gone ahead and released his own.

Last year, McDonald joined forces with Digital Foundry's John Linneman to showcase his Bloodborne work, and amazing the game looks indeed:

Cover image for YouTube videoBloodborne 60fps Hack Tested! 1080p, 900p, 720p - Can We Lock to 60fps?

In a post on his Patreon, McDonald said the patch must be applied to Bloodborne v1.09 (the latest update) to work. If done, the game runs at 60fps, and optionally lowers the rendering resolution to 1280x720.

Obviously, to use McDonald's patch you need a way to run unsigned code on a PS4.

Sony has so far shown no interest in updating Bloodborne to run at 60fps on PS4, or indicated an intention to release a PlayStation 5 update for the game. Perhaps McDonald's unofficial patch will have to do forevermore.