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Modder plans to release a Bloodborne 60fps patch - but will give Sony a chance to go first on PS5

In the frame.

Modder Lance McDonald plans to release a Bloodborne patch that makes the game run at 60 frames per second - but will give Sony a chance to make it happen on PlayStation 5 first.

In a video showcasing From Software's wonderful action game running at 60fps on a PlayStation 4 Pro, the celebrated modder said he'll let Sony go first "out of respect for PlayStation".

"I'll be releasing this patch publicly once the PlayStation 5 has released and Sony have made it clear whether or not Bloodborne will be enhanced on that system in any way," McDonald said.

"Out of respect for PlayStation, I want them to have the first chance to put 60fps Bloodborne into the hands of players."

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McDonald recently joined forces with Digital Foundry's John Linneman to showcase his Bloodborne work, and amazing the game looks indeed.

Watch on YouTube

From Software and Sony have yet to say how Bloodborne will be enhanced on PS5. The original runs at a fixed 30 frames per second. Obviously, to use McDonald's patch you need a way to run unsigned code on a PlayStation 4.

"Hopefully the future of Bloodborne is bright in the hands of PlayStation Studios and with the PlayStation 5 hardware, but if not, at least we have this in the meantime," McDonald said.

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