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Here's further proof P.T. really is the most frightening horror of all time

I'm very sorry about what you're about to see.

Intrepid modder Lance McDonald is back with perhaps the most unsettling P.T. hack yet.

Beyond swivelling the camera to see if Lisa is indeed following you as you loop the corridor (spoilers: YES SHE IS ARGH) and showing what happens to Lisa after she smashes the upstairs window, the highlight for this particular episode comes from revealing precisely what's going on when you're locked in the bathroom after discovering the torch.

Remember that bit? When you pick up the flickering torch and discover the, er, surprise in the bathroom sink, the door slams shut. Fumbling with the handle you realise you can't escape and footsteps echo from the hallway beyond the door. Then an unseen force tries to jiggle the handle to enter the room.

Well. It was unseen.

While you'd be forgiven for presuming the footsteps are just a disquietening audio scare, McDonald's discovered something truly horrifying by unlocking the camera and peering into the hitherto unaccessible corridor. It turns out Lisa is really there, creeping towards the bathroom.

While the developers didn't go as far as to animate Lisa physically handling the door handle, they did go as far to ensure the ghost is very really there, just inches from you on the other side of the door.

"So it turns out Lisa is doing quite a few things in P.T. even when we're not able to see her, not really cut content or anything like that, just surprising amounts of detail and work that went into the teaser for Silent Hills that never actually got to be seen by players," McDonald said in the video description. Here, take a look for yourself (thanks, GamesRadar+):

Cover image for YouTube videoP.T. Unseen Content - Lisa's Unseen Behaviours - Hidden Scenes

In related news, McDonald also managed to escape from P.T.'s endless hallway and step out into Kojima Productions' rendition of the streets of Silent Hill. They also contributed to another video that gives us a look at P.T. from a new angle, and there are some interesting - and terrifying - discoveries to find there, too...

Amazingly, secret features are still being discovered in the original PlayStation 2 version of Silent Hill 2 almost two decades after the seminal psychological horror game was released, too. Twitterers punk7890 and Bigmanjapan discovered that a secret mini-map and a Save Anywhere feature can be unlocked once players have completed the game and received the Dog Ending.

A group of volunteer developers and modders have also been quietly enhancing and improving the PC release of celebrated psychological horror, Silent Hill 2.