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Silent Hill 2 is still surprising us with hidden features

There was a STRAPLINE here. It's gone now.

Secret features have been discovered in the original PlayStation 2 version of Silent Hill 2 17 years after the seminal psychological horror game was released.

Twitterers punk7890 and Bigmanjapan have discovered that a secret mini-map and a Save Anywhere feature can be unlocked once players have completed the game and received the Dog Ending.

According to The Cutting Room Floor (via Videogamer), players using an international copy of the game (i.e. not Japanese) and have their controller type set to "2" can enter "Start + L2 + Square + L3" to activate the map, which should spring up in the top-right corner (if it doesn't work immediately, try entering the inventory menu screen and then exit again holding down Start button, and then input the rest of the button sequence).

Source: https://tcrf.net

Yes, I know; some Silent Hill fans already knew about the map, but this is the first time players can unlock it themselves without fiddling about with the raw code.

The Save Anywhere feature, also available once you've witnessed the Dog Ending, is apparently a little trickier to pull off.

"This hidden feature has a more complex set of button combinations that need to be input to bring up the save menu anywhere," states The Cutting Room Floor. "Have control over your character, and then press the following buttons: D-Pad Left + Left Analog Stick Left + Right Analog Stick Left + L2 + L1 + L3″."

The codes have been tested on the Director's Cut and the original Xbox port and unfortunately, they don't work (and the less said about the HD Collection the better).