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Dataminer gets PT playable on a PlayStation 5 via hacked emulator

Hills relocated.

Konami horror project P.T. has been made playable on a PlayStation 5, via a hacked PS4 emulator.

Streamer and dataminer Lance McDonald has managed to get the game working on a non-jailbroken PS5 console.

Essentially, a legitimate copy of P.T. is required as well as an active PSN account on both a jailbroken PS5 and a normal, fully updated PS5. The emulator is then transferred from one to the other.

Cover image for YouTube videoP.T. - Eurogamer Let's Play LIVE
P.T. - Eurogamer Let's Play LIVE

McDonald has shared a video of his exploits on Twitter, with the comment: "Eat shit, Konami".

It's a timely discovery considering P.T. was intended as a teaser for a forthcoming Silent Hill game that never came to fruition.

Konami announced over the weekend that an official Silent Hill return will be unveiled on Wednesday 19th October.

There have been plenty of rumours about the series, including Bloober Team's involvement, a Silent Hill 2 remake, and concept art of a brand new game.

Earlier this month, McDonald announced that he'd managed to jailbreak the PS5.

Since then, he's been busy exploring the Demon's Souls remake files to discover references to the fabled Ring of the Chieftain.

For more on P.T., back in August the person responsible for adding - and removing - P.T. from the PSN store spoke for the first time.