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PlayStation 5 has been jailbroken, modder claims

But exploit only appears to work on older system software.

High-profile mod maker Lance McDonald has released footage of what looks to be a working PlayStation 5 exploit that leaves the console "jailbroken".

McDonald's video appears to show custom code being read by a PS5 through an exploit in its online User Guide. Once run, the console is able to access debug settings and then install the infamous PT demo - which is, of course, no longer available under normal circumstances.

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So, how bad is this for Sony? Well, for now, the use of this exploit is limited. Reportedly this method is still "fairly unstable" and offers "read/write access, but no execute" - so you could download the PT demo, for example, but not yet play it.

Another major limitation is its need for the PS5 to be running its outdated system software version 4.03 at the latest, which was superseded at the end of 2021.

Still, this will likely all be alarming to Sony as a significant step forward in user attempts to completely circumvent the company's security - as has happened in the past with the PS3, PS4 and with Nintendo on Switch.

Eurogamer has contacted Sony for comment.

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