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How to get a torch and light caves in Elden Ring

Light the way!

Torches in Elden Ring are simple but useful items to help you navigate dark locations.

Though other items and tools are available to help you explore - such as crafting Rainbow Stones - a torch is easier to use, and can become part of your equipment to deploy at any time.

What follows is an easy way for how to get a Torch in Elden Ring's opening hours, and how to equip a Torch when you need to use it.

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Torch location: How to get a torch in Elden Ring

The easiest way to get a Torch in Elden Ring is to purchase one from Kale, the merchant who resides within the Church of Elleh.

This is one of the first locations you'll see as you emerge in Limgrave, just north of your starting position. Kale is the same vendor who sells you the Crafting Kit.

The torch will sell for 200 Runes. From there, you can equip and use the torch as often as you need.

How to equip a torch and light caves in Elden Ring

To explore caves, you need to hold the torch - and you can do so the same way you would equip a sword, shield or other weapon.

To equip a torch, open the menu, then select Equipment, the top-most item on the list.

On the equipment screen, there are two rows on the top left - one for weapons, and the other for shields or bows. The torch can be assigned to either of these based on your preference.

Decide a slot then select the torch.

Now during play, press Left or Right on the D-pad - depending on which slot or side you assigned the Torch to - to swap to the torch in that hand.

With the Torch available, you are now free to explore dark locations much easier.

From here, it means the likes of optional early game bosses - such as Demi Human Chief, Beastman of Farum Azula and Erdtree Burial Watchdog - are much easier to access.

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