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Elden Ring fan creates Walking Mausoleum out of Lego

Ring my bell.

An Elden Ring fan has recreated one of the game's Walking Mausoleums out of Lego.

The game has inspired plenty of fan art, but this really is something else.

The builder, known as HoboSapient, shared their creation on reddit, spotted by PC Gamer.

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The full build contains around 5,000 - 6,000 pieces, according to the builder, and weighs 30 pounds. That number of bricks is almost up to the Hogwarts Castle or Millennium Falcon Lego models.

Its core is made of Lego Technic, so it's "pretty solid". And the bricks aren't from any particular set, but a "whole lotta Pick-a-Brick at the Lego store, plus 20+ years of collecting".

Full view of the Lego walking mausoleum
Full view of HoboSapient's creation.

Judging by the reddit comments calling for the post to be added to Lego Ideas, the Walking Mausoleum would be a popular set.

In official Lego news, an Atari 2600 set was announced last month for the 50th anniversary of the console, as well as a Nintendo licensed Might Bowser set.

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