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Nintendo announces big Bowser Lego set

Koopa load of this.

Nintendo and Lego are partnering again, this time on a large Bowser set.

The 2807-piece design stars the king of the Koopas standing upright on a stone platform, between flaming stone plinths.

Lego says The Mighty Bowser will be the largest Lego Mario adult set released to date when it becomes available on 1st October, priced £230/$270.

A man with an incredible moustache shows off Lego's The Mighty Bowser set.

Let's take a closer look:

Hidden inside the figure is a fireball launcher feature, as well as a button to control Bowser's head and neck movements. His arms, claws and tail are all posable too.

Finally, if you've bought into the Super Lego Mario/Luigi/Peach interactive sets, there's a POW Block which plays into Starter Courses and an Action Tag to let your hero of choice battle Bowser.

Previous adult Lego sets have included the fold-out Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block, with mini Mario 64 dioramas, and the Nintendo Entertainment System set, with a buildable TV that plays a version of the original Super Mario Bros.

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