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Doctor Who is coming to Fortnite, but not as you'd expect

Time crisis.

A Doctor Who experience is coming to Fortnite, though not as part of an official collaboration.

BBC Studios announced the arrival of the Tardis into Fortnite today, and showed off images of a playable space it has built in the game's Creative mode.

In it, you can visit the Tardis, see Cybermen and run away from Daleks. But don't expect David Tennant's natty 10th Doctor to turn up in Fortnite's official item shop.

Unusually, this is not an official collaboration with Epic Games, and branding for this states as such: "This is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by Epic Games Inc." But this is also very much not a fan project, which begs the question - why isn't it more official? I would very much like a Sontaran skin, thank you.

"When the mysterious Reality Virus causes the Tardis to appear on the island, players must help repair it by finding the parts to fix the Dynamorphic generators," BBC Studios said of the Fortnite map in a press release.

"The game starts on the Tardis Landing Site where players will find the Tardis and start their quest to gather the Dynamorphic Generator Crystals from around the hub island in order to repair it. Special rewards and surprises will keep players on their toes along the way."

Locations include a Kerblam! factory area, and a spaceship escape area.

"The Reality Virus has caused many realities to coexist on Gallifrey. On the Rumble Map players will choose a team and their weapon loadout to fight for either the Time Lords or the Daleks in an all-out battle."

Fancy trying it yourself? From the main menu, hit change game mode and select "Island Code" to enter: 3610-1396-4646.

Completing the map will unlock a spray design within the game - a sign Epic is very much aware of this collaboration, even if not officially a partner.

In other Fortnite news, the main game wraps up its Chapter 3 Season 1 this weekend. Earthquakes now cover the Island, as Epic Games teases map changes for Season 2.

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