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Destiny 2 Strange Coins: How to get Strange Coins and how Starhorse bounties work explained


Strange Coins, the in-game currency introduced by Xur in Destiny 2 has taken a starring role during the Bungie 30th Anniversary update.

The currency has a new use related to Dares of Eternity, the seasonal activity that debuted with the update. Strange Coins allow you to obtain particular bounties that, while more challenging in nature, can lead to better rewards.

This page explains how to get Strange Coins as well as how Starhorse bounties work to make the most out of them.

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Destiny 2: Bungie 30th Anniversary Event Trailer

How to get Strange Coins in Destiny 2

The Bungie 30th Anniversary event brings a new seasonal activity to take part in, and Strange Coins are a big part of it.

This currency, which will sound familiar to you if you've ever interacted with Xur in the original Destiny, play a key role in the Dares of Eternity activity. Essentially, you can use the currency to purchase bounties from Starhorse, the mythical character that joins Xur in this event.

In brief, you can get Strange Coins from the following sources:

  • The Dares of Eternity activity
  • Playlist activities such as Gambit, Strikes and Crucible
  • Heroic public events
  • Completing bounties

In our experience the drop rate has been surprisingly consistent. We did two rounds of Gambit, two runs of Dares of Eternity and one Strike, and always received 1 Strange Coin for each.

Of course, your mileage may vary. The only downside is that you only get a Strange Coin at a time instead of multiple ones. To increase chances, make sure to grab bounties for the corresponding activity before you jump into it.

The Season of the Seraph is here alongside More than a Weapon, Seraph Key Codes and Resonate Stems and the addition of Rose in Crucible. You can also complete the Good Boy Protocol secret quest to make a new friend. We've also seen a new dungeon, Spire of the Watcher, with has a chance of Hierarchy of Needs dropping upon completion. Earliear this year we had the arrival of King's Fall and King's Fall challenges, plus weapons including Doom of Chelchis and Touch of Malice. For The Witch Queen, learn how to get Dead Messenger and Parasite.

How Starhorse bounties work in Destiny 2

While Xur has bounties up for grabs in the Treasure Hoard, Starhorse has more challenging bounties in case you fancy a higher risk for the possibility of better rewards. In addition, completing Starhorse bounties is one of the steps of the Forerunner quest.

Starhorse only accepts Strange Coins in its vendor screen. As such, Strange Coins can be used to purchase bounties as well as other items. These bounties, either daily or weekly, are classified in different rarities - Bronze, Silver and Gold - and add a difficulty layer to the Dares of Eternity activity.

Not a surprise to see Starhorse being this popular.

The biggest stand out from Starhorse Bounties comes down to the objectives, which have to be completed in a single run of Dares of Eternity. If you're unable to, these will reset and you'll lose the bounty.

The key is to not get greedy, but if you're looking for greater challenges, this is where to look. If you're looking for a few examples, these are the daily and weekly Starhorse bounties that were available to us in the first week the DLC was live:

  • Pulse of Combat (Daily Silver Starhorse bounty): Get Pulse Rifle final blows or rapidly defeat combatants. Combatants rapidly defeated with Pulse Rifles grant the most efficient progress (160,000 points required)
  • Laser Tag (Daily Silver Starhorse bounty): Get Trace Rifle final blows or rapidly defeat combatants. Combatants rapidly defeated with Trace Rifles grant the most efficient progress (160,000 points required)
  • Double Barrel (Daily Silver Starhorse bounty): Get Shotgun final blows or rapidly defeat combatants. Combatants rapidly defeated with Shotgun grant the most efficient progress (160,000 points required)
  • Old-Fashioned Way (Weekly Silver Starhorse bounty): Defeat combatants with charged or uncharged melee abilities, defeat combatants with weapons equipped in the Kinetic slot, and complete the activity with an impressive score (180,000 points required)
  • Bring the Overkill (Weekly Silver Starhorse bounty): Defeat combatants with your Super, disintegrate combatants with high-damage elemental final blows, and complete the acitivty with an impressive score (180,000 points required)
  • Match Game (Weekly Gold Starhorse bounty): Defeat combatants using a Void, Arc, or Solar weapon that matches your currently equipped subclass, defeat combatants with any power weapon, and complete the activity with an incredible score (300,000 points required)

In terms of rewards, these range from XP to Paraversal Hauls (containers that may give Exotic Gear, Legendary Gear, Strange Coins or Treasure Keys) as well as Enhancement Cores.

If you're curious about what other items Starhorse has in store, here's the full list (based on the first week of the event):

  • Legendary Engram: 3 Strange Coins
  • 1000 Glimmer: 5 Strange Coins
  • Paraversal Haul: 7 Strange Coins
  • Treasure Key: 10 Strange Coins

Best of luck hunting Strange Coins to complete Starhorse bounties!

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