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Where is Xur? Location, what Xur is selling this week in Destiny 2

Xur's location and wares in between December 17th and 21st.

Xur's location and what Xur is selling this week is always a surprise when the vendor makes their appearance in Destiny 2.

Every week - from Friday's daily reset until Tuesday's weekly reset - Destiny 2 is visited by the special vendor, selling rare and sometimes exclusive gear.

He's achieved cult status among the game's community as a result, and is worth paying a visit every week so you don't miss out on his wares.

If you have been accumulating Legendary Shards and have no idea where to spend them, Xur is the person to visit.

Come back to this page to learn his new location and Exotic and Legendary inventory as soon as he appears, and stay around to learn some of the other things he comes in handy for.

Where is Xur's location this week?

So where is Xur between Friday, December 17th and Tuesday, December 21st? Xur's location this week is in the EDZ, Winding Cove, located right on top of a branch north of the fast travel point (while looking at the map).

What is Xur selling this week?

As well as four Exotics to choose from - one weapon and an armour piece for each of the game's three classes - for Season of the Lost, there is the addition of Legendary weapons. Each of these have random rolls and / or perks during the weekend.

Exotics this week (29 Legendary Shards each):

  • Graviton Lance (Pulse Rifle)
  • Shards of Galanor (Hunter Gauntlets)
  • Lion Rampant (Titan Boots)
  • Lunafaction Boots (Warlock Boots)


Legendary Weapons this week (50 Legendary Shards, 1,000 Glimmer each):

  • Escape Velocity (SMG)
  • The Last Dance (Sidearm)
  • Cold Denial (Pulse Rifle)
  • Toil and Trouble (Shotgun)
  • First In, Last Out (Shotgun)
  • Falling Guillotine (Sword)
  • Royal Entry (Rocket Launcher)

Rolls (first four weapons):

Rolls (last three weapons):

Note the Power level of Exotics scales below your current level, while Legendary gear is fixed at 1100.

Xur also sells:

  • An Exotic Engram that, when opened, will give you a new (class specific) Exotic you haven't collected yet, otherwise it contains a random piece of Exotic armour. You can only purchase one of these per week.
  • The Xenology quest, which has you complete strikes or win Crucible / Gambit matches to earn an Exotic Cipher. Bonus progress is awarded for more challenging activities and playing with your clan.

What else should you know about what Xur sells and can do?

For those new to Destiny 2 - or returning from the original game and want to know what's different in the sequel - here's a primer on what Xur offers and what makes the vendor useful.

  • Xur will sell an Exotic weapon and one armour piece for each of the three classes. Even if you aren't playing that class, you are free to buy any and all items on sale, and then stick them in the Vault for your other characters to use.
  • Stats for Exotic armour and the perks for Legendary weapons will differ each week - meaning it's worth investigating to see if there's something that aligns with your playstyle.
  • The Exotic weapons and armour Xur sells aren't exclusive to the vendor, instead taking items from the pool of random Exotic drops already available in the game. There's a decent chance he'll have them back in stock in a future week, otherwise you try and get it through luck by decrypting Exotic Engrams.
  • Xur will not sell certain Exotics, such as those exclusive to Exotic quests or from previous years sold from the Monument to Lost Lights Exotic Archive. For the latter, you need to have several rare items, including an Exotic Cipher, which can be earned from completing Xur's Xenology quest found on the second page of his inventory.

The Season of the Deep is here alongside the Into the Depths quest. You can know go fishing too! Don't forget to keep an eye on the Lost Sector and King's Fall challenge rotation schedule!

  • Xur has a number of differences compared to how he behaved in the first game, including:
    • The vendor trades in Legendary Shards and not Strange Coins, which is a currency no longer available in the sequel.
    • While Xur appeared in social spaces in the original, Xur shows up in planetary patrol spaces as well.
    • Also for those coming from the original, Xur appeared in the game until 10am UK time on Sunday, however the vendor now sticks around until the weekly reset on Tuesday.
    • In the original Xur had more than just Exotic weapons and armour to sell. He also had a permanent range of items on display, many of which aren't in the sequel. This included a Plasma Drive and Stealth Drive for 23 Strange Coins each (used to upgrade Rare sparrows to maximum speeds, each with a different vapor trail colour), 3x Heavy Ammo Synthesis for 1 Strange Coin and 10x Heavy Ammo Synthesis for 3 Strange Coins (used to instantly replenish your ammo reserves), one Exotic Shard (7 Strange Coins, used to update the level on Exotics), Glass Needles for 3 Strange Coins and 3 Motes of Light (for re-rolling Exotics), and Three of Coins (an item that would increase your Exotic drop rate). You can also exchange 2 Strange Coins for 1 Mote of Light.
    • And, in case you were wondering, Xur is no longer available in the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the original.
  • Finally, Xur has made a cameo in another little known online game by Activision Blizzard named World of Warcraft, selling Curious Coins, Gjallar's Horn and Krota's Shield items. Sound familiar?

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