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Destiny 2 Outbreak Perfected quest steps: How to start Outbreak Perfected and find all Fallen Transponder locations

How to get the returning Exotic pulse rifle in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2's Outbreak Perfected is an Exotic quest made available during Year 2.

It sees the return of original Destiny's Outbreak Prime as the renamed Outbreak Perfected, but thankfully this time the quest is a lot more straightforward to complete.

That said, it's not easy. Though the first half of the quest can be completed solo, the second and final half is an intense, lengthy mission that requires a dedicated Fireteam and lots of practice. Hope you're ready for a challenge!

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How to get Outbreak Perfected in Destiny 2 in brief

Here's a quick rundown of the steps needed to obtain Outbreak Perfected:

  • Scan the device within The Rig on Titan
  • Visit six Lost Sectors and find Fallen Transponder nodes
  • Visit The Farm and find the quest giver
  • Complete the Zero Hour mission within the time limit

With that done, Outbreak Perfected is yours.

Thanks to Datto on YouTube for helping flesh out the above steps:

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How to start the Outbreak Perfected quest in Destiny 2

To start the Outbreak Perfected quest in Destiny 2, head to Titan's The Rig fast travel point, and head south across a bridge. This will take you to Tidal Anchor.

From here, it's a fairly linear if winding stretch of corridors through the area, past a section with consoles and screens above them.

Keep going and eventually, you'll come to a locked door. Use the 'Unlocked' prompt to open it, to arrive at a room filled with computer monitors. If you can't - you might have to complete the main set of story missions first.

On the right side, near the front of these monitors, is the prompt 'Examine Fallen device'. Doing so will give you the Fallen Transponder quest for your Pursuits.

You've now begun your quest to get Outbreak Perfected.

What to do with the Fallen Transponder and their node locations

Investigating the Fallen Transponder in your Pursuits will reveal six nodes you to complete.

These relate to six locations within Lost Sectors throughout the game. At a glance, they are:

In detail, here are the locations of the Fallen Transponder nodes:

Widow's Walk (EDZ) - At the end chest, look up and right to see a destroyed building, of which the upper floor you can climb into. The node location is there.

Atrium (EDZ) - After you clear the first room, head left down the steps, to see a corridor through a doorway on your left. Head through and the Node location is at the end.

The Drain (EDZ) - Part the way through, the cavern opens up to the left, where you can drop down to a little area at the far end that's surrounded by purple hanging pieces of cloth. The Node location is in-between two boxes.

Whispered Falls (EDZ) - At the start, you can drop down into a cavern. Turn right, where in the corner there's a green cave you can enter from two sides. In the middle is the Node location.

The Rift (Nessus) - To the left of the end chest are several containers. The end one, which is overhanging a little over the edge, can be climbed in from the back. The node is inside.

The Carrion Pit (Nessus) - At the end chest, look west and you'll see some flat panel screens against the wall. If you crouch near the edge and look underneath, you'll see the node. To reach it, jump off the edge and round the screen - having double (or triple) jump is recommended here!

With those done, it's time to head to The Farm - where you can meet your contact and start the Zero Hour mission.

The Season of the Deep is here alongside the Into the Depths quest. You can know go fishing too! Don't forget to keep an eye on the Lost Sector and King's Fall challenge rotation schedule!

How to complete the Zero Hour mission in Destiny 2

To start the Zero Hour mission, head to The Farm, and as soon as you load in, turn right, go along the side of the warehouse, and head underground going left where you can. At the end is your contact. Talking will start the mission.

Zero Hour is a timed mission that sees you return to (spoiler ahead!) the old Tower. You'll travel through parts of the destroyed Tower seen in Destiny 2's first mission, as well as many new locations.

As a warning - it's very difficult. You need to be in a Fireteam, and it'll take time to practice, not only to learn enemy placements and strategies (there are a lot of annoying Shanks throughout!) but also the route - it's not obvious at a first glance, especially when it comes to several jumping sections - as well how to solve a co-ordinated puzzle and a tough final battle.

It's a little Raid-like, basically, and best way to learn how to complete it is to watch a video explaining how it works step-by-step. There's no way you'll finish this first time - so we recommend playing once or twice to get your head around it, then watching a video walkthrough that goes into detail of what is expected - us describing it in text isn't quite enough unfortunately!

The following video by Pause Reset Play explains every part of the mission step-by-step, and is very useful:

Watch on YouTube

Once that's done, then you'll have the Outbreak Perfected. Phew!

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