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Destiny 2 Dead Exo locations: How to complete Salvage the Past explained

Where to find all nine Beyond Light collectables.

Dead Exo locations are collectables as part of the Beyond Light expansion in Destiny 2.

Found throughout the Europa destination, these are bodies of Exos dotted throughout most main areas and Lost Sectors, which appeared after the completion of the Deep Stone Crypt raid by the community.

Finding three of these is required to advance the start of The Lament quest - to help, the first three locations on this page are the fastest to find to complete this step.

Additionally, finding all nine will reward you with the Salvage the Past Triumph.

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Dead Exo locations in Destiny 2 explained

What follows is a list of all Dead Exo locations in Destiny 2. Unlike Entropic Shards, all Dead Exos are available to find on their debut, so you are able to complete the associated Salvage the Past quest right away.

We've ordered the following as those found in Patrol spaces, then finally, the three in Lost Sectors. If you after just three in particular for completing The Lament quest step, then the first three on this list are the most accessible to find.

Cadmus Ridge Dead Exo location

You'll find this on a plateau in the middle of the location. The easiest way to find it is, approaching Cadmus Ridge from the south exit, is to take the first left.

Now jump up the ledge to the north, and the Dead Exo will be found there on the edge.

Eventide Ruins Dead Exo location

In the north-east of Eventide Ruins - and north of where you'll start most Public Events in this area - is a building where the main room is bathed in red light.

On the north side is the Dead Exo, on the ground next to a column.

Asterion Abyss Dead Exo location

On the east side of the area, just before the structure on the outer edge, you'll find this Dead Exo out in the open, where the snow meets the frozen lake.

Well of Infinitude Dead Exo location

You need to head to the Well of Infinitude, an area on the east side of Europa.

To get there, head through the east exit in Asterion Abyss. From here, take the right path.

Now follow the linear route round, through corridors with white fluid below, until you reach a larger room with a bigger pool at the bottom.

The Dead Exo is on the other side of this pool, on a small ledge against the back wall.

Specifically, it's to the left of where you would continue exploring the area - so if you find the exit continuing on, stay in this room, turn left, and hug the right wall to find it.

Bray Exoscience Dead Exo location

Head to Bray Exoscience, the area on the west of the map, and go right and up the stairs to the side room.

In this opening room, before heading onwards to the next one, check the back right corner to find the Dead Exo tucked away against the wall.

From here, it's worth pressing onto Creation, which you can reach from the next room, to find the final location on this list in a Patrol space.

Creation Dead Exo location

Head to Creation, which is the area you must travel through to reach the Giant Exo as part of The Lament quest. This video shows the route, with the Dead Exo location at around the three minute mark:

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Otherwise, to reach it, head to Bray Exoscience, and enter the room on the right. On the right inside the following room is a door, leaving to Creation.

Make your way through the linear section until you arrive at a large factory-style hall, where you must traverse down ledges.

At the ground floor at the end, just before the end door, is a raised section on the left.

The Dead Exo is leaning against a short wall at the end.

What follows is the three Lost Sector Dead Exo locations.

The Season of the Deep is here alongside the Into the Depths quest. You can know go fishing too! Don't forget to keep an eye on the Lost Sector and King's Fall challenge rotation schedule!

Perdition Lost Sector Dead Exo location

Perdition is found within in Cadmus Ridge on Europa, in the north-west of the location.

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Where to find the Perdition Lost Sector location.

In the final room where you face the boss, the Dead Exo is on the left side.

Specifically, they are lying between the crate and the window.

Concealed Void Lost Sector Dead Exo location

This Dead Exo location is found within the Concealed Void Lost Sector.

Play through until you have reached the end of the Lost Sector, defeating the boss and lifting the shield to the cache reward.

Behind this, on the balcony and next to a crate, is the Dead Exo.

Bunker E15 Lost Sector Dead Exo location

This Dead Exo is found within the Bunker E15 Lost Sector.

Cover image for YouTube videoBunker E15 Lost Sector location in Destiny 2
Where to find the Bunker E15 Lost Sector location.

Play through the Lost Sector until you come to the part where you are freeing Braytech Security Frames.

In the large room with the firefight, head out across the walkway, and look under the stairs opposite.

Here is where you'll find the Dead Exo.

While you are here, if you have the Salvation's Grip, there is also a Entropic Shard location in this very room.

Remember there's always more to be done with the Beyond Light expansion - including continuing the Born in Darkness quest and finding collectables such as Penguins and Augment Triumphs.

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