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Destiny 2 penguin locations: Where to find all penguin souvenirs to complete Reuniting the Eventide Rookery

How to find all nine Year 4 collectables.

Destiny 2's penguins are a collectable available on Europa, the destination of Year 4 expansion Beyond Light.

Initially released one-by-one with each weekly reset, the full collection of penguins are now available to find in any order.

Unlike Dead Exos or Entropic Shards, these are not associated with any quests at the time of writing.

That said, collecting all nine penguin locations unlocks the Reuniting the Eventide Rookery challenge, and is one of the requirements for the Splintered Seal.

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As mentioned above, though penguins were time gated to release gradually week-by-week, they can be collected in any order. The following list groups them together so you can easily get locations one after another.

Destiny 2 penguin location in Cadmus Ridge

The first penguin released in Destiny 2 was found in Cadmus Ridge.

Head here from Cadmus Ridge to the south, and hug the right wall until you find a cave up a ledge.

Inside is a group of Vex defending a barrier in the corner. Clear the Vex and the penguin becomes accessible.

Destiny 2 penguin location in Asterion Abyss

This penguin is found on a high cliff on the west side of Asterion Abyss.

From the centre of the area, you can just about see it.

The easiest way to reach it is by going to entrance of the north west passage that takes you to Eventide Ruins. Now, go south, and follow the wall running to your right. This allows you go up some steps leading up the cliff, where you'll find the penguin (as well as possibly two Goblins, so stay on your guard!).

Destiny 2 penguin location in Eventide Ruins

In Eventide Ruins, head to the very north of the area, just before you take the lift up to Riis-Reborn.

Just outside here is a Fallen Captain who will carry a Scorch Rifle. Defeat them and equip it.

Now head to the building where the Bunker E15 Lost Sector is located. On the opposite side is a lower doorway leading out.

Just before you leave, in an alcove next to the doorway, is a block of ice, which should be highlighted with an on-screen marker provided you have the Scorch Cannon equipped.

Blast the ice to find the penguin location.

Destiny 2 penguin location in Riis-Reborn Approach

Head to Riis-Reborn, until the path splits allowing you to go right, up to Kell's Rising and Technocrat's Iron.

Just to the right before the corridor leading to the lift which takes you these two areas is the penguin.

While you are here, you may as well advance to Kell's Rising (take this doorway, then the lift up and follow the route round) for the next penguin.

Destiny 2 penguin locations in Kell's Rising

For this location, you need to head to Kell's Rising, which is located by accessing Riis-Reborn, then at the split, go right through the doorway, up the lift and follow the linear route round.

Towards the end you emerge in an outside area with various walkways.

On this level, take the right walkway around, and you'll come against a Stasis Sniper (a Fallen Captain) on the right.

Defeat them, then check behind the crates in the corner for the penguin location.

Destiny 2 penguin location in Nexus (where to find the Nexus Oracle locations)

Head to Nexus, the area to the east you can access from Asterion Abyss. When you enter, at the split, look straight ahead at the distant angular structure and look up at the peak to see a diamond up in the sky.

The locations of the four Oracles in Nexus.

This is an Oracle - an object familiar to long-time Destiny fans. Shooting it will see another Oracle appear elsewhere. Including this first Oracle, there are four in total to find, which spawn in sequence:

  1. First straight ahead when you enter the Nexus, up in the sky towards the top of the distant structure.
  2. Go right from here at this opening split at the Nexus, and hug the right wall. Look straight down at the cliff edge to see it below.
  3. From here, look up and over the distant structure, to see it in the sky just above.
  4. The fourth and final one is tucked away round the corner of the 'copper' platforms to the left of here (or, as you face the Nexus split when you enter, at around 2 o'clock).

Shooting this fourth Oracle will see the Penguin appear underneath.

From here, continue south to Well of Infinitude to find another Penguin location...

Destiny 2 penguin location in Well of Infinitude

Head to the Nexus, then at the initial split, go right to head to the Well of Infinitude. It's a pretty linear route. Shortly after you arrive, you need to travel down a small corridor with a lit entrance sloping down (the room this is in will have some enemies, including a Hydra).

Don't go down the corridor. Instead, go left, where there is a hidden alcove with a barrier.

Lower the barrier to reveal the Penguin.

Destiny 2 penguin location in Bray Exoscience

Head to Bray Exoscience, the area west of Cadmus Ridge. Once inside the first room, go straight ahead, which will take you on a linear path through the area.

Following the two sets of drones in the twisting set of corridors, you'll come to a frozen-over examination area, where the penguin is. Defeat the enemies here, lowering the barrier, allowing you to access it.

At this point, it's worth continuing on to Eternity, which you can pick up another penguin location.

Destiny 2 penguin location in Eternity

Head to Eternity, which is the area on the far south-west of the map you can reach by heading to Bray Exoscience, going straight ahead, and following the linear route from there.

Keep going until you reach an open expanse between two indoor areas, where in the following room is a large cylinder in the middle.

To the left here is a door, and inside the following passage, an enemy named Drake, Charge Courier. Defeat them to drop an orb you can pick up.

Continue the route through Eternity - again, it's pretty linear - until you come to a thin, red passage you need to leap over platforms to traverse.

About halfway on one of the left platforms is a device you can deposit the orb into. Do so to spawn the penguin.

Congrats on finding all nine penguins! Now, what to do with them...

Where to place penguins in Destiny 2

Once you have found a Penguin, the Reuniting the Eventide Rookery Triumph instructs you to 'place' it somewhere on Europa.

This location is the room next to Variks, Europa's vendor. To reach it, leave the room to go outside and immediately turn left, and enter the next door.

Here there are various points you can place the penguins.

If you have yet to place a penguin in a particular spot, then you'll be told which region the missing penguin belongs to - useful if you only one or two left in the list above.

With that done, you're one step closer to completing the Splintered Seal. This requires you to complete Augment Triumphs and find any remaining Dead Exo locations or Entropic Shards you've yet to find as part of Beyond Light.

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