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Destiny 2 Augment Triumphs explained: How to get a Braytech Transponder to complete the Augmented Obsession challenge

How to complete the weekly Europa event.

Destiny 2's Augment Triumphs are weekly challenges you can complete as part of the Year 4 expansion Beyond Light.

Found within the Secrets area of Europa's Triumph list, there are eight in total to complete, each requiring you to visit each listed area and hacking into various terminals.

Before you can get to that point, though, you need to source a particular item and earn a buff elsewhere on Europa. Once done, you must then repeat the process over the course of multiple weekly resets to complete the set.

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How to complete Destiny 2 Augment Triumphs step-by-step, from sourcing a Braytech Transponder to finding a Techno Squad Leader

All Augment Triumphs in Destiny 2 work broadly the same way.

First, you need to purchase the Braytech Transponder item from Variks on Europa. This is on the second page of his inventory (use the D-Pad to switch pages) and requires 50 Herealways Pieces to purchase.

If you've yet to do any of his Sabotage objectives, the sooner you begin the better - as each one introduces additional ways for these resources to drop when defeating enemies throughout Europa.

Once you have a Braytech Transponder, you'll be given a buff, the Braytech Signal, which will last seven days. Then, it's time to find a specific Fallen enemy, the Techno Squad Leader.

These spawn in the Europa Eclipsed Zone, which rotates between the main areas of Europa each week. Use the Director screen to find out where the Eclipsed Zone is, and head there. Somewhere within this Techno Squad Leader will appear.

Roam the patrol space until you find them - in our experience, they tend to appear outside the 'usual' enemy spawning locations. For example, the one in Asterion Abyss regularly appears outside of the Concealed Void Lost Sector. Remember, since other players can wipe them out temporarily, so it's worth doing a few loops and checking nooks and crannies of the patrol space to give them a chance to respawn again.

Once you have found a Techno Squad Leader, you need to clear the Fallen surrounding them before they can be damaged. Once cleared, the Techno Squad Leader will drop the Scanner Augment, which will have a holographic icon beaming into the air.

Provided you have an active Braytech Transponder from Variks, you'll be able to pick this up.

With that collected, we can finally get underway with completing the Augment Triumph. On screen will be an active buff, saying Scanner and then a message. In this instance, it says Scanner (Vex Sectors) x3. This alludes to the area(s) the scanner will work in:

Work out which area you can travel to with your scanner - see the next section for a list of which scanners in which area - and head there without fast travelling.

An example of doing the Augment drones in the Nexus area.Watch on YouTube

Now it's time to complete the final step of the process - finding drones. There are three sets of drones in each area of Europa (chances are you might have noticed them on your travels) and each one needs to be destroyed and a corresponding terminal hacked.

You know you have found the correct set of drones for your Scanner buff as one of the four drones will be highlighted.

Shoot this drone, and another of the three will be highlighted. Continue this process until all drones in that set are destroyed, and you'll be pointed to a terminal nearby to hack.

Now do this with the remaining two sets of drones within that area - though expansive, all areas are pretty linear, so travel through them until you find the next set - until all three sets of drones are destroyed and their terminals are hacked.

With the third one done, that Augment area for the challenge is complete. You are then done for that week - you'll then have to wait until the next weekly reset to pick up another Braytech Transponder.

Where to use the Scanner Augment in Vex Sectors, Riis-Reborn Sectors and Bray Sectors

Once you have collected the Scanner Augment from a Techno Squad Leader, the buff will mention one of three things, telling you where you can use it on Europa.

The three Scanner Augment types and their areas are as follows (thanks snarkfish on reddit for helping flesh out this list):

Vex Scanners (available when Asterion Abyss is the Eclipsed Zone):

  • Nexus
  • Well of Infinitude

Riis-Reborn Sectors (available when Eventide Ruins is the Eclipsed Zone):

  • Kell's Rising
  • Riis-Reborn Approach
  • Technocrat's Iron

Bray Sectors (available when Cadmus Ridge is the Eclipsed Zone):

  • Braytech Exoscience
  • Creation
  • Eternity

This means you must revisit all three areas multiple times over weekly resets complete each individual area of Europa and their respective Augment Triumphs.

Destiny 2 Augmented Obsession reward: What do you get for completing every Augment Triumph?

There are a total of eight Augment Triumphs to complete, requiring multiple weekly resets.

Each one will increase your Triumph score, and all contribute towards completing the Splintered Seal, which is rewarded for completing the various challenges of Europa.

As well as this, you'll earn an Ascendant Shard once you return to Variks after your eighth and final Augment Triumph. (Thanks to 360GameTV on reddit for confirming this.)

With that done, you're one step closer to completing the Splintered Seal. This requires you to track any remaining Dead Exo locations, Entropic Shards or Penguin Souvenirs you've yet to find as part of Beyond Light.

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