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Destiny 2 Aspect of Interference quest steps: How to unlock Diamond Lance, Glacial Harvest, Touch of Winter

How to unlock a new Stasis Aspect in Season of the Splicer.

Destiny 2's Aspect of Interference is a questline introduced in Season of the Splicer on May 11th, 2021.

Similar to Aspect of Control and Aspect of Influence earlier in Year 4, it introduces another Stasis Aspect to your Stasis sub-class after completing every quest step.

This will be either the Diamond Lance, Glacial Harvest or Touch of Winter, depending on your class.

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How to complete the Aspect of Interference quest in brief

As with other Stasis quests, Aspect of Interference has you complete several challenges within the Europa destination.

Note you need to have completed Aspect of Influence - which arrived during Season of the Chosen, and can also be sourced from the Exo Stranger - before you can begin Aspect of Interference.

Here's an overview of every Aspect of Interference quest step:

  1. Visit Exo Stranger on Europa to start the quest
  2. Investigate the appearance of new Entropic Shards in Kell's Rising
  3. Complete the Heroic version of the 'Survival' Exo Challenge
  4. Visit the Ziggurat in Beyond

With that done, a new Aspect - Bleak Watcher, Howl of the Storm or Grim Harvest - is yours. This is shorter than most Stasis-related quests, so expect to be done within an hour - provided you are high enough level to complete the Exo Challenge, of course.

How to investigate the appearance of Entropic Shards in the Well of Infinitude

With the Aspect of Influence quest picked up from the Exo Stranger, you need to visit Kell's Rising to investigate the Darkness. This is in the far north of the map; head to Eventide Ruins, up the lift to Riis-Reborn Approach, then at the 'split' in the route, go right.

If you get lost, track the quest and follow the on-screen markers.

When you arrive, shoot each of the Entropic Shards - which, as a reminder, are floating triangles - with the Salvation's Grip Exotic.

If you forgot to bring it with you, remember you can use the Destiny phone app to move gear from your Vault at any time. There are chests dotted around to help you reload if you run out of Heavy ammo also.

The shards spawn in sequence as you explore the area. The route takes you up a series of platforms, and will appear in the air above them periodically. It's easy to miss them - below is a gallery of all in sequence after the first.

Once done, you'll be at the very end of the area, and a pyramid and groups of enemies will spawn in.

Defeat them all; they are 1320 power, so if you are doing this mission on its debut, it might take a few attempts even if unlimited respawns. Once all done, the Empowered Skeleton Key will drop, and the next stage of the quest - complete the Heroic simulation, also known as the Heroic Exo Challenge - becomes available.

This will be available to select from the map.

This is a Heroic version of the weekly rotating Europa mission, which will be set at 1320 Power. If you're playing this at the start of Season of the Splicer, you'll need to the new gear level cap to stand a decent chance - as well as come equipped with Overload mods to take down Champions.

Once done, now you must simply return to Beyond - the area to the far south of Europa where the Exo Stranger is located - and visit the Zigguart. This is where you'll be granted the new Aspect.

The Season of the Deep is here alongside the Into the Depths quest. You can know go fishing too! Don't forget to keep an eye on the Lost Sector and King's Fall challenge rotation schedule!

Diamond Lance, Glacial Harvest and Touch of Winter in Destiny 2 explained

Upon completing Aspect of Influence, you'll be rewarded a new Aspect for that sub-class. These are:

  • Diamond Lance (Titan) - Shatter or defeat targets with Stasis abilities to create a Stasis Lance. Throw the lance to freeze targets on impact; slam the lance to the ground to freeze targets in a small area.
  • Glacial Harvest (Warlock) - Freezing targets creates Stasis shards around the frozen targets. Higher tier combatants create more shards.
  • Touch of Winter (Hunter) - Your Glacier, Duskfield and Coldsnap grenades have enhanced functionality. (Glacier adds a Stasis crystal and changes the formation; Duskfield increases slow-field size and creates a small Stasis crystal on impact; Coldsnap sees the seeker travel further, faster and chains one additional time.)

Enjoy taking your new Aspect for a spin!

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