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Capcom apologises for Resident Evil Village PC crashing bug

Working on a fix.

Capcom has apologised for a recent Resident Evil Village patch that's affecting PC players.

A bug seems to cause the game to crash, with some players on Steam claiming they're locked out of the game from the startup screen.

Capcom has stated it's now working on a fix.

Lady Dimitrescu’s Story Explained - Her Past, RE8, And Her... Future?Watch on YouTube

"We're aware of an ongoing issue with the latest patch that's causing the game to crash for some users. We're currently looking into a fix, and apologise for any inconvenience caused!" it tweeted.

The issue comes just ahead of the game's Winters' Expansion DLC.

Due out on 28th October across all platforms, the expansion will finally allow us to play as Lady Dimitrescu in the game's Mercenaries mode - albeit a slightly shorter version.

That's just one of three additions, though. A third-person mode will also be included in the DLC, along with a new story expansion called Shadows of Rose that takes place after the main game's epilogue.