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Call of Duty fans lament infinite money fix, while other issues remain


Activision was kept busy over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend fixing a popular Call of Duty glitch which granted infinite money and weapon XP.

The now-fixed exploit let you repeatedly sell weapons at the game's Buy Stations in exchange for XP. In a quick fix for the issue, XP from Buy Stations was nerfed to counter the number of people quickly levelling up their weapons.

But, as fans quickly found, this still left the game's white dumpster Dead Drops as an option. This lasted another half day or so, until it too was countered by another behind the scenes change.

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These methods were glitches and certainly were not supposed to be in the game. Still, fans have expressed frustration at Activision's ability to quickly pounce on issues felt to have been beneficial to players, rather than some of the many other problems that have existed in the game since launch.

"How many updates did they put out for the bugged missions in DMZ?" wrote one player on reddit. "None. How about for the bugged blueprints that use your insured slot but leave you with Fists in the game? Nothing."

"I'm shocked as to why they keep killing these glitches SO fast," said another. "There's still broken spawns in TDM, still broken missions, and some other UI issues (which are far better than before).

"These glitches don't effect revenue, they don't effect gameplay, they don't do anything that gives an unfair advantage. It just makes you avoid pouring HOURS of gameplay into a single gun you will never touch again."

But there may lie the answer - as levelling up weapons is one of Warzone's key reasons to keep playing, it's likely Activision sees such glitches as a threat to its live service's overall longevity.

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