Fortnite XP: Best ways to get XP and level up fast

The fastest and most effective ways of getting XP to level up in Fortnite.

Fortnite XP - or Experience Points - is a type of progression in Fortnite.

Get enough XP and you will level up, which each level giving you Battle Stars. XP is also used to unlock additional styles for certain skins, such as Drift and Ragnarok.

Though playing matches is the main way of gaining XP, the way you play - and additional considerations such as the Battle Pass - means certain ways of getting XP to level up fast is easier than others.

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Fortnite XP explained and XP sources: How much XP do you get from games?

There are two types of progression in Fortnite - XP levels and Battle Pass Tiers.


Though the Battle Pass dictates when you unlock things, XP helps you progress through the Battle Pass faster. Get enough XP and you will level up, which each level giving you Battle Stars (usually two per level, or five every five levels).

The primary way to get XP is from playing matches. Your performance dictates how much XP you will earn.

Fortnite XP sources

  • First kill - 50 XP
  • Additional kills - 20 XP (capped at 100 XP, so only six kills total reward XP)
  • Survival - 17 XP per minute after the first circle appears (capped at 14 minutes, or 238 XP)
  • Top 20 placement - 25 XP
  • Top 10 placement - 100 XP
  • Victory Royale (1st place) - 300 XP

In short - the longer you last, and the more enemies you kill, the more XP you'll earn in a match. Thanks to VillainGuy on reddit for these stats.

There are two notes about earning XP throughout a season. One, the XP requirements to reach the next level aren't linear, with each level requiring more XP than the last. If you're interested in how it jumps, XP charts such as those created by plotak on reddit can help.


Two, XP progress is tied to that specific season. Once the next one rolls around, it resets. That said, the Drift and Ragnarok style unlocks persist between seasons, so if you manage to unlock Ragnarok at Tier 100, you don't have to race to get the styles before the season draws to a close. Take your time!

Additionally, there is an Account Level (visit the Career tab, then Profile), which tracks your total XP for as long as you've been playing the game. This isn't used for anything, that Epic Games is tracking this means it could be useful one day.

Also noted on this Profile screen are your current XP multipliers - one of the many ways you can get extra XP easily. Let's take a closer look at these, and other methods of getting XP strictly beyond match stats.

Best ways to get XP in Fortnite

To get easy XP in Fortnite, you'll also want to consider the following:

Last longer in matches

As described above in the 'XP sources' section, the longer you last in a match and the more kills you get, the more XP you'll earn. You'll also want to at least last until the first circle arrives, too - so going in spicy and dropping straight into Tilted Towers isn't always practical.

Though the Fortnite meta favours both building and being aggressive, stealth - avoiding other players while collecting loot until you are in the late game - is a legitimate strategy that can help you win games, and is particularly advised if you are a newcomer.

Survival - giving you 17 XP per minute - is the most effective way to gain XP in a match.

Buy the Battle Pass

If you are serious about gaining XP, then buy the current season's Battle Pass as soon as it is available.

You instantly gain XP multipliers for playing alone or with friends, increasing your gains for any matches you play. The more you level it up, the higher the multiplier goes.

Here's what Battle Pass Tiers you need to hit to increase those multipliers in Season 5:

Season 5 TierPersonal XP boostFriend XP boost

If you get to Tier 96, you'll earn an additional 120% personal XP boost, and another 120% for a friend XP boost, making it the most effective way to get XP in Fortnite.

Additionally, the Battle Pass gives you regular amounts of XP for hitting certain Tiers. For Season 5, these are:

Season 5 TierXP

Play with Friends

With the above in mind, playing with Friends will give you more XP as you have the Battle Pass purchased. Have a full squad, and the multiplier can give you a real boost. An additional benefit to playing with Friends? You're probably likely to play better together and survive longer, thus increasing your XP gains at the end of a match.

Season 8 and The Sideways have arrived in Fortnite. You can now start collecting the Season 8 Battle Pass skins, using the Sideways weapons, partaking in Sideways encounters, investigate the map changes and obtain the new Victory Umbrella! Make a start on the Season 8 questlines, with the IO Heist and finding IO guards and mending locations for Baba Yaga. You can also start collecting colour bottles for Tonna Fish and completing the new character collection.

Complete Challenges - both Daily and Weekly

Weekly Challenges are mostly a way of levelling up the Battle Pass Tiers, giving you unlocks. However, they do give you 5,000 XP when you complete four of a given week's Challenges.

Daily Challenges, meanwhile, are more XP focused, giving you 500 XP per completed challenge. You can only receive one new Daily Challenge per day, but with 70 days worth of Challenges available in a season, that's 35,000 bonus XP up for grabs.


Play during a Double XP event

Fortnite occasionally hosts Double XP events, where all Match XP is doubled. They are pretty rare - Season 4 had an event that was announced just a few days in advance towards the latter end of the season, but if you can be around for it, and get a few Battle Pass-owning friends to play with you, then it's a great way of getting a fast dose of experience.

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