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Independent Games Festival is now live on Steam, offering dozens of quality indie games at a discount

"The IGF has been the launching point for some of the industry's biggest indie games."

Dying Light 2 dev Techland is making "most roles" office-based or hybrid, including staff who live abroad

"We're asking them to come to the office regularly to foster stronger connections."

Ubisoft's live-action Driver series may be dead, but the series itself isn't

Developer says it is "actively working on other exciting projects related to the franchise".

Saudi Arabia is hosting the inaugural Esports Olympic Games next year

"We have... ensured that the Olympic values are respected," says the IOC.

Digital Foundry | AMD's FSR 3.1 upscaling tested: improved over FSR 2 but DLSS and XeSS are still ahead

Improvements are evident, but core issues remain.

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