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Saudi Arabia is hosting the inaugural Esports Olympic Games next year

"We have...ensured that the Olympic values are respected", says the IOC.

Digital Foundry | AMD's FSR 3.1 upscaling tested: improved over FSR 2 but DLSS and XeSS are still ahead

Improvements are evident, but core issues remain.

Indika publisher 11 Bit donates $50k to support Ukrainian children impacted by Kyiv hospital attack

"Let this message resonate with us all and let's do everything we can."

The Outlast Trials' newest villain is "a freakish big baby obsessed with his Pacifier"

The "growing live service game" has sold over 2 million copies to date.

The First Descendant developer responds to claims its icons are too similar to those in Destiny 2

"We have taken the concerns raised seriously and decided to make adjustments."

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