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Zelda: Breath of the Wild players are still finding the most inventive solutions to everything

The more you know.

Even though The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is now over four years old, players are still finding some truly unique and creative solutions to solving shrines.

One such player has proved Link can survive even the fieriest of shrines whilst in the buff, so long as he is wielding a blizzard rod.

Whilst working their way through the Rinu Honika Shrine (which is part of the Champions Ballad DLC pack), Aqua10202 did not 'block the blaze' in the way that many (myself included) did. Rather, they stripped Link off and equipped him with the blizzard rod. From there, Aqua10202 simply created wafts of icy cold air around Link to protect him from the flames that were erupting all around.

Fans have been left in awe by this simple and yet incredibly effective solution, inspiring others to share their own ways of completing the shrine.

As it turns out, if Link is wearing the Flamebreaker armour at its level 2 upgrade, the plucky Hylian can just run straight through the flames (thanks ChrisJAIK22). There is no need for Link to use blocks or the Magnesis rune at all (again, like I did - boy do I feel silly now).

Breath of the Wild clearly has plenty of tricks up its sleeve, with many more likely to come.

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