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Warzone plane locations: Where to find fighter planes in Warzone

Time to take to the skies.

Where you can find one of Warzone Pacific's major new features - fighter planes.

Fighter planes are a new addition to Warzone Pacific.

Found in specific locations across the new map, these allow you and one other player to fly across the map, track enemy locations, and engage in dogfights.

If that sounds overpowered, don't worry - you can also take planes down easily with anti-aircraft guns.

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Warzone plane locations: Where you can find planes in Warzone?

Plane locations are mostly near airstrips, with two key locations where you'll find a handful of planes each. However, there are others dotted around which might be also overlooked.

At a glance, here they are on the map:

In detail, you can find plane locations at the following locations, going in a clockwise direction...

Runway (multiple on airstrip, north-east of map):

South of Fields (single on small airstrip, south of map):

Airfield (multiple on both ends of large airstrip, south-west of map):

Mines (single on small airstrip, west of map):

Arsenal (single on road, north-west of map):

Warzone plane controls: How do you fly planes in Warzone?

To pilot a plane, approach it like you would any other vehicle and press the Square button (on PlayStation) / X button (on Xbox).

Use the left analogue stick to take off and use the right stick fly around. There are additional controls too, including weaponry and a free cam, including:

  • Move / speed - Left stick
  • Look / roll - Right stick
  • Fire - Right trigger / R2
  • Zoom / Aim Down Sights - Left trigger / L2
  • Air Brakes - Left bumper / L1
  • Free Look with Camera - Right bumper / R1
  • Switch seats - A button (Xbox) / X button (PlayStation)

One key feature you don't have to enable is a radar which adds other players to your display. Simply fly down low of the map and anyone else nearby will be temporarily highlighted with a red indicator - useful if you want to bail and engage personally, or have the rest of your squad on the ground as you take to the skies.

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How do anti-aircraft guns work in Warzone?

To counter the arrival of planes in Warzone, you can use anti-aircraft guns.

These are dotted around the Warzone map in a more sporadic fashion, and can be identified quickly with a telltale icon.

Additionally, you can find an anti-aircraft gun on the back of utility trucks - allowing you to take them with you and position them to locations where stationary ones are not.

For those who don't like planes, we found them to be surprisingly effective - taking down planes quickly if they are flying directly overhead.

Best of luck flying - or destroying - planes in Warzone!

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