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Vampire Survivors to receive wealth of new content in its full release

Plenty to sink your teeth into.

Vampire Survivors is set to receive plenty of new content in its 1.0 release.

The game has already proven incredibly popular in Early Access and now developer Poncle has released a roadmap leading up to the full release.

Version 1.0 will add a further nine characters, five stages, 16 weapons, and two power-ups, among other additions.

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The release date is unknown, but coming in April is a new gameplay mechanic known as Arcanas. It's unclear what these are, but a graphic in the roadmap post suggests tarot cards and it promises to "unlock a whole new level of viable builds and power creep".

The roadmap also notes that instead of the promised story mode, something else is coming - most likely an endless mode. Story mode may still return, however.

"Thanks to the overwhelming success and support from the players, new content has started to come out at a much faster pace than anticipated and the roadmap has also been expanded significantly," reads the roadmap post.

"When I first launched Vampire Survivors, all I wanted was to have a little game that would allow me to have fun making new game content in my spare time. Thanks to your incredible support and a once-in-a-lifetime surge of luck, the game turned out to be an incredible success instead."

The post also mentions a port to a new engine and a forthcoming mobile version of the game.

Bertie loved Vampire Survivors: "Suffice to say that I'm struggling to put this game down. It's giving me the Castlevania slay-the-undead-masses fantasy in concentrated shots. It's no wonder the game has rocketed up the charts on Steam."

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