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US PlayStation Plus Premium launch adds dozens more games

Resi! Ratchet! Red Dead! Fallout!

The US launch of PlayStation Plus Premium has begun, and Sony has added many more titles to the service versus its previous rollout in parts of Asia.

This includes dozens more games for the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium's game catalogue of PS4 and PS5 titles, such as: Dead Cells, Fallout 4, Fallout 76, Frostpunk: Console Edition, John Wick Hex, Little Nightmares, Nioh, Prey, Shenmue 3, Soulcalibur 6, Surgeon Simulator, Telling Lies, Tropico 5, Trine 4, plus The Dark Pictures Anthology's Little Hope and Man of Medan.

The list of games available in the US looks to be a large upgrade from the list of games available in Hong Kong, for example. But there are some games (Journey to the Savage Planet) listed as available in Asia but not in the US.

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There's also many more Classic catalogue games - these just for Premium tier members - listed as part of the US rollout. These include Asura's Wrath, Castlevania Lords of Shadow 1 and 2, Demon's Souls, Devil May Cry 4 and the HD Collection, Enslaved, Fallout 3 and New Vegas, God of War HD and God of War 2 HD, inFamous 1, 2 and Festival of Blood, Mafia 1 and 2's Definitive Editions, MotorStorm Apocalypse, Red Dead Redemption and its Undead Nightmare expansion, Resistance 3, The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion and XCOM: Enemy Within.

Resident Evil has particularly good representation here, with Resident Evil 4, 5, 6, Code Veronica, Operation Raccoon City, Revelations, Revelations 2 and The Umbrella Chronicles.

Numerous games from the Ratchet & Clank series are also now included: A Crack in Time, All 4 One, Full Frontal Assault, Nexus and Quest for Booty.

The new PlayStation Plus tiers will next release in Europe, on 23rd June. It remains to be seen how many more games Sony will add, or how different Europe's catalogue will be.

That list of games for Asia in the Hong Kong region is yet to be updated - though it's too early to say whether today's additions are only for the US region, or whether this is just the latest batch of games for PlayStation Plus Premium that will now filter out globally.

Last month, fans in Asia noted the list of games available there was just 269, far fewer than Sony's estimate of 700 titles for the service.

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