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The Last of Us Part 1 PS5 update adds HBO-themed cosmetics for Ellie

The champignon's league.

A new update for The Last of Us Part 1 on PlayStation 5 adds new HBO-themed cosmetics for Ellie, along with a host of bug fixes and general improvements.

This patch, which is live now, adds two T-shirts for players to dress Ellie up in. The first of these shirts is a blue number themed on HBO's The Wire. You can see how it looks in the header image above.

The second, meanwhile, is a tribute to The Last of Us' recent TV adaptation. Please note, if you have not watched the show yet, there is a minor spoiler ahead.

Zoe shared her thoughts on The Last of Us Part 1 on PS5.Watch on YouTube

Thanks to this update, Ellie can now sport a Mortal Kombat 2 T-shirt in The Last of Us Part 1's PS5 remake. Those who have watched the show will know that, unlike in the game, Ellie is a fan of Mortal Kombat and Mileena.

This was one of the smaller deviations the show made from the game's original source material, where Ellie instead knew of a game called The Turning, and a character named Angel Knives.

You can see how this shirt looks below.

Ellie in her The Last of Us TV adaptation inspired T-shirt.

In addition to these new shirts, this patch also addresses several bugs and improvements.

Among my personal favourites, enemies will no longer beg for their lives when they can't be easily reached by the player and shooting a doctor in the Firefly lab will no longer make them invincible to flamethrowers.

Meanwhile, baseball bats will now do the same damage against Clickers as other two-handed melee weapons, and the developers have fixed the issue that could see companion characters die in combat at unintended times.

You can read the full patch notes from Naughty Dog below:

  • [Brazilian Portuguese] Remastered and increased the audio quality for in-game voice lines
  • Adjusted aim sensitivity from 1-10 to 1-100, with a lower minimum sensitivity
  • Companion characters now throw bricks at enemies during combat more consistently
  • Rifle weapons now use hit-scan instead of projectile physics to determine whether they hit an enemy
  • Increased the pump shotgun's base fire rate
  • Melee and Fire may now be bound to the same button in Customise Controls (Options > Controls > Customise Controls)
  • Speedrun Mode timer now pauses during black screen fades
  • Melee attacks using a two-handed melee weapon now kill stunned enemies
  • Meleeing while sprinting now staggers Infected enemies for longer
  • Player character can move sooner after finishing a melee swing
  • Companion characters rescue the player character from enemy grapples more consistently
  • Shotguns and rifles begin rechambering sooner after being unholstered
  • Melee attacks that send enemies to their knees now combo into finishers, whether or not the player has a melee weapon
  • Increased time that human enemies are staggered after being punched
  • Enemies no longer beg for their lives when they can't be easily reached by the player
  • Adjusted timing of various checkpoints throughout the game
  • Numerous visual improvements and adjustments throughout the game
  • Multiple fixes to subtitles, UI text, and Screen Reader lines
  • [Grounded Difficulty] Reduced the accuracy of the turret truck
  • [Permadeath Mode] The deer hunt is no longer considered a combat encounter

Bug Fixes

  • Drawing the bow no longer reduces the player's accuracy with other weapons
  • Fixed an issue where the player may spin around their target when using sprinting melee attacks
  • Fixed an issue where a melee swing may be cancelled mid-swing when holding a shotgun
  • Loading save files no longer affects the number of bonus feature unlock points currently available
  • Fixed an issue where some weapons' reloads may be interrupted before all bullets were loaded
  • Corrected accuracy of the El Diablo pistol when using its scope
  • Fixed an issue where nail bombs may be retrieved after detonating
  • Director's Commentary now plays during the final credits
  • Rechambering a weapon now registers as complete sooner, so the player won't have to repeat the animation if interrupted
  • Baseball bats now do the same damage against Clickers as other two-handed melee weapons
  • Player no longer automatically succeeds when machete-wielding enemies do an evasive counterattack
  • Fixed an issue where Infected may use a human enemy's grab attack when grabbing the player from behind
  • Fixed an issue where companion characters may die in combat at unintended times
  • Removed some cover positions that allowed enemies to shoot the player character without revealing themselves
  • Infected no longer enter the 'beg for life' state
  • Fixed an issue where some items and ingredients were not added to the player's inventory when collected
  • Fixed issues with some in-game cutscenes where the player may get interrupted if attacked
  • [The Prologue] Tommy will lead the player more consistently
  • [The Prologue] Fixed an issue where player character may die during the car crash cutscene
  • [Tommy's Dam] Fixed an issue where the player character may get stuck behind a door during the fight at the hydroelectric dam
  • [The Firefly Lab] Shooting a doctor will no longer make them invincible to flamethrowers
  • [New Game+] All extra ammo and ingredient types now appear as intended when playing in Full Loadout mode on Grounded difficulty.

Left Behind Standalone

  • The arcade minigame will not request multiple attacks that deal no damage in a row
  • Moved a corpse's arm to the correct location
  • Improved Ellie's accuracy to match her accuracy during the main story


  • Improved Navigation Assistance goal placement across various locations
  • Fixed button prompts that showed the incorrect button in certain circumstances
  • Fixed some collectible items not highlighting correctly when using High Contrast Mode
  • Fixed various issues where the incorrect cue would play when using audio cues
  • Fixed issue in Chapter and Encounter Select menus where the Screen Reader did not read sub-chapter names

Additional Content

  • New HBO in-game T-shirt cosmetics for Ellie

As for The Last of Us' PC port, the team is still working on getting it sorted after its bug-riddled and glitchy launch (something Naughty Dog admitted hadn't delivered "the quality you expected"), with another patch due later this week.

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