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Naughty Dog knows The Last of Us Part 1 on PC hasn't delivered "the quality you expected"

"Our team is working hard to resolve issues."

Naughty Dog has apologised to PC players for the "quality level" of The Last of Us Part 1 and assured fans that it working to address the "issues preventing some of you from experiencing the game".

The studio said that a hotfix designed to address the "jittering on mouse-controlled camera movement" was on the way on Tuesday, and a "larger patch with additional fixes" will drop later next week.

As Matt summarised for us recently, The Last of Us Part 1 finally launched for PC earlier this week after a 25-day delay designed to ensure it would debut "in the best shape possible". Despite that delay, PC purchasers on Steam quickly began reporting a host of technical issues - including inconsistent frame rates, regular crashes, stuttering, long load times, and poor optimisation - soon garnering the port a Mostly Negative rating on Valve's storefront.

The Last of Us Part I - PC features trailer.Watch on YouTube

"We know some of you have not experienced the Naughty Dog quality you expected," Naughty Dog said in a statement posted on the studio's social media channels. "Our team is working hard to resolve issues currently preventing some of you from experiencing the game to ensure it reaches the quality level you expect and deserve.

"A hotfix addressing jittering on mouse-controlled camera movement, some crashes, and more for The Last of Us Part I on PC is slated for Tuesday. A larger patch with additional fixes will be deployed later in the week.

"We also encourage players to ensure you are using the latest Nvidia, AMD, and Intel graphics drivers," the statement concludes. "Our team, and our dedicated partners at Iron Galaxy will continue to investigate and address known issues to deliver the great The Last of Us Part I experience you expect."

"The team is closely watching player reports to support future improvements and patches", Naughty Dog recently reiterated in its patch notes. Players can see the issues it's currently tracking or investigating on its website.

It's not all bad, though. Players have been making the most of The Last of Us Part 1's troubled PC port by turning its many, ridiculous glitches - from big bushy eyebrows to inappropriate wetness - into memes.

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