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The Division 2 Hyena Key locations - where to find Factions Keys like Outcasts Keys, True Sons Keys and Hyenas Keys explained

Where to get those hard-to-find Faction Keys like the Hyena Key in The Division 2.

Faction Key locations can be found dotted across The Division 2, but as they don't show up on your map you'll need to know where to look.

Below we'll explain where to find Faction Keys like the Hyena Key, Outlaws Key and True Sons Key, if you're stuck with an unopenable object that requires one, as well as outlining what exactly these Faction Keys are for, too.

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The Division 2 Hyena Key locations, other Faction Key locations like the Outlaws Keys and True Sons Keys

If you already know what to do with a Faction Key once you've found one, let's get straight to the point and explain where they can be found.

Hyena Key, other Faction Key locations

The easiest way to get your hands on Faction Keys is underground, specifically in the various subterranean tunnels dotted around the city.

There are plenty of these underground spots around the city, but to find them you should keep a general eye out for yellow circular markers on your minimap as you pass through the streets. These indicate there's an underground area entrance nearby - ususally an open manhole cover, or an underground parking lot entrance, and so on.

Once you've found an area, the Faction Keys themselves are located inside small, greyish rectangular boxes on the walls. They'll light up with the same orange-tinted hint that all loot containers do when you're nearby, so keep an eye out at eye level for them as you head through the tunnels.

If you're looking for some specific examples, we found one underground area just south and slightly east of the White House base, which is entered via the undergound parking lot next to the derelict Smithsonian Museum. Here it is on the map, alongside what the entrance looks like.

There's also one due south of the White House which you might be able to find easier, and earlier - and this is actually the first location where we found a Hyena Key specifically. They seem to be the rarest of the three, in our experience so far.

There's plenty of decent loot down there in these underground spots too, and no enemies in sight, so it's well worth the time to explore them - they're not too large either, so there's no risk of really getting lost. We've found all three keys between the two of them.

Aside from these freeroam underground areas, you should also a keep an eye out for key containers on the walls in missions, particularly those inside large buildings. They're rarer here, but are findable, so as a general rule of thumb if you're on the hunt for Faction Keys you just need to do two things: enter every underground area you find, and scour the walls of mission areas as you go, just in case.

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The Division 2 Faction Keys explained - what are Faction Keys for and what do they do?

You likely already know what Faction Keys are for if you're here - you'll only be looking for them if you know you need them to open something in the first place! - but just in case, Faction Keys are used for one main thing: opening Faction Crates.

These are found on various main missions and side quests, such as the early Odea Tech Offices side quest in the Downtown East area, which unlocks early on after you visit the Library Settlement.

Faction Crates are rare, but contain some decent loot, so your goal should be to continuously keep an eye out for Faction Keys as you go - via the methods mentioned above - and ideally always have one or two of each kind on you at all times, so you're able to open those Faction Crates as you find them, rather than finding them and then needing to go looking for a key and tracking back to the Crate again.

Simple enough then! There are three kinds that we've found so far - one for each Faction in the game at launch (Hyenas, Outlaws and True Sons) - but there may be more with the addition of the endgame Faction, the Black Tusk. Once we reach the late game we'll update this page to confirm it!

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