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The Division 2 Error Codes explained - Mike-01, Alpha-02, Bravo, Delta-03 error code meanings and how to fix them

Getting a Division 2 Error Code? Here's what they are and how to fix them, where possible.

Error Codes in The Division 2 have already began to pop up from time to time, with them meaning anything from the servers being down entirely to there just being a minor break for maintenance.

In most cases, it's just a matter of hanging tight or retrying your luck until the error goes away, but here on this page we'll detail exactly what those Division 2 Error Codes mean for your peace of mind, including Mike-01, Alfa-02 and Delta-03, as well as the Bravo errors, which are the most common ones from the Early Access period and the betas so far.

On this page:

The Division 2 Error Codes explained - what does error Mike-01 mean?

The most prominent errors that people have come up against so far are the Mike-01, Alfa-02 and Delta-03 codes. Here's a quick explanation for each, and any possible workarounds.

Mike-01 Error Code explained

Mike-01 is probably the most frequently used code so far, and most of the time it's pretty simple: Mike-01 means The Division 2's servers are down for maintenance.

Here's the official Division 2 account confirming that:

There is, also, a dedicated official page for Mike errors, however this describes it as a completely differenty type of error - specifically one that involves the game struggling to access your profile:

"A MIKE error message is related to the game not being able to access your profile... If you have been disconnected and receive a MIKE error when trying to reconnect, the game is simply trying to recover your profile. Trying again in 5 to 10 minutes should allow you to connect again. In some scenarios it might take up to 30 min before the game will allow you to connect again. If you experience this issue for over 30 minutes, please contact Support."

Please note that if you are getting an error message stating "Your progression might be lost" the game will recover the latest working profile which can result in a loss of up to 5 minutes of progress. In some scenarios, progress lost might be closer to 10 minutes."

While waiting for an account to be recovered, please note that creating another character or playing with another character should work and allow you to play."

Perhaps the game being down for maintenance means that it's struggling to find your profile, but regardless, if there's scheduled downtime and you're getting a Mike-01 message, don't panic. You just need to wait for servers to go back up!

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Alfa-02, Bravo, Charlie, Delta-03 error messages - other Divison 2 Error Codes to look out for

Aside from that Mike-01 message which is particularly common, here are a couple of other relatively prominennt error messages that you might be having some trouble with.

Alfa-02 Error Code explained

This codes a little less prevalent, and it's less clear what the solution actually is. Ubisoft support staff on the support forums describe it as a "connectivity error", and the suggestion is that you should visit their connectivity troubleshooting page and work your way through the solutions there.

As with so many games before this one though, vague "connectivity issues" can often be mistakenly categorized as being a user problem when it's actually the game that's experiencing an outage. As well as going through the troubleshooting issues above (and generally checking your connection is fine, testing out wired over wireless connections just in case, and so on), we recommend you check the game's server status as well just in case it's their problem and not yours. And do keep retrying!

Bravo-00, -01, -02 Error Codes explaine

As per the official Division 2 reddit posting on the topic, Bravo Errors are to do with the platform of your choice having a connectivity issue. Here's the specifics:

  • Bravo-01 or Bravo-03 - Uplay PC is offline. Try to relaunch it in Online mode if you haven't already, and check your connection to the internet.
  • Bravo-06 - This means you've been signed out of Xbox Live while playing. Check that your Xbox is connected to the internet and that Xbox Live isn't down, for some reason.
  • Bravo-07 - This means you've been signed out of the PlayStation Network. Again, check your PlayStation is connected to the internet and that PSN hasn't gone down.
  • Bravo-07 - Another vague connectivity one: this means your connection to the server has been lost. Once again, check you're connected to the internet and that the servers themselves aren't down.

Charlie-01 and -02 Error Codes explained

The Charlie error codes relate to The Division 2's anti-cheat software, specifically that the software isn't running for some reason on your PC.

If that's on purpose, well, that's probably your fault for trying to get around something that makes it hard for you to cheat. If it's not, then head to the official support site and take a look for solutions there.

Be sure to check there isn't any scheduled maintenance, or that the game's servers aren't down for everyone else.

Delta-03 Error Code explained

The Delta-03 error code is, unfortunately, another faily vague connectivity issue, and it's similar for the other Delta codes. Delta-01 means you've failed to connect to the servers, whilst all others - Detla-02 to Delta-06, all mean that you were connected but that connection has now been lost (-06 specifically that the connection has timed out).

There's another troubleshooting thread on the Ubisoft forums for it, which you should take a look at and work your way through, but again this may well be a problem on the game's end, not yours.

It's worth noting that this error was particularly common during the beta phases for The Division 2, and there's since been a few patches that should have eliminated it for most. If you're still getting it, work your way through the troubleshooting options in that link above and then leave a (polite) message on the support forums if you're still having no luck.

Echo-01 and Oscar Error Codes explained

Finally, Echo-01 and Oscar seem to be server-side problems that Ubisoft is trying to fix. Here are their official recommendations for workarounds for now:

Echo-01 - If you are experiencing this issue, please log out of the game, wait for 10-15 minutes and try again. At that point, you should be able to play normally.

Oscar: This error can occur if you are trying to play the game from behind a proxy or firewall that is blocking the game. Turn off the proxy, or give permissions to the firewall, and you should be able to play normally.

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