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The Division 1.4 patch reinvents the game's single-player

Gear of phwoar.

Remember The Division? It feels like longer ago than March it launched and everyone got stuck in that door. While some hardcore players are still grinding away, many who tried The Division have since moved on.

Well, judging by the scope of Ubisoft's massive new patch, the developer is hoping you might fancy coming back for another go.

Simply put, the update - numbered 1.4 - is enormous.

The headline change is the introduction of selectable "world tiers" that match the game's main open world to various player levels.

Why does this matter? Previously you needed to play The Division's raid-like Incursions or venture into the notoriously unfair player-versus-player Dark Zone to reliably level your character past a certain point. No more.

World tiers can be set at levels 30, 31, 32, or 33. Rewards and enemies are catered to each level. Level 31 and up will also allow you to play Challenge mode and Incursions.

It means you can now play The Division and earn high-level gear tailored to your own level without having to grind through enemies too tough to beat. Previously you needed to venture into activities higher than your current level, or hope the Dark Zone wasn't full of players happy to gang up and gank you repeatedly.

Additionally, all NPCs are now able to drop the High-End and Gear Set loot. Weekly and Daily mission loot caches will also drop gear which is tailored to your current progression.

Hundreds of other changes are included too, including long-sought quality of life features (such as the ability to quickly report cheating players) and a vast set of mission, gear and gun rebalances.

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Will you give The Division another try?

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