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The Division's latest update adds Xbox One X enhancements, two new Global Events

Patch out now on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Ubisoft's latest update for The Division, known as Update 1.8.1, has now released on Xbox One, PS4, and PC, bringing with it a range of tweaks and additions, including two new Global Events, and 4K support for Xbox One X.

The Division's two new Global Events are Blackout and Onslaught. The first is scheduled to begin at the end of April, with the second due to launch at the end of May.

In Blackout, agents are equipped with Shock Ammo that stuns enemies. By running and shooting, it's possible to increase your Charge meter, with more damage being dealt to opponents the greater the Charge.

Blackout's Extreme variant, meanwhile, adds the ability to instantly kill enemies with Overcharged melee attacks. If you miss an attack, however, both you and your allies become stunned. The final variant, Total Blackout, follows the same rules listed previously, but makes your Charge meter cool down faster when close to other group members.

Onslaught, meanwhile, adds the ability to deal Burn, Bleed, and Gas effects to enemies, alongside normal damage, with effects changed by reloading your weapon. Savage Onslaught switches things up a little by introducing opponents that are vulnerable to one specific effect type and resistant to all others. You'll take increased damage from resistant enemies.

Finally, there's Brutal Onslaught, which adds one last spin: when two or more group members kill a vulnerable opponent within two seconds, explains Ubisoft, each member can reload to gain a damage bonus for a single clip.

Additionally, these new Global events will introduce 40 new unlockable Commendations.

Elsewhere, The Division's Amherst's Apartment and Grand Central Station missions now support Legendary difficulty, with update 1.8.1 also introducing a wide range of other game changes, vendor changes, tweaks, and bug fixes.

Last but not least are the new Xbox One X enhancements. According to Ubisoft, these include higher anisotropy, improved reflections, improved object detail, and improved screen-space shadows, as well as always welcome 4K rendering support.

The full list of changes and additions included as part of The Division's now-live 1.8.1 update can be found in Ubisoft's latest patch notes.

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