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You can block people's progress in The Division by standing in a doorway

What a knob.

The Division players have already found a way to grief other people. You can block people's progress in The Division by standing in a doorway.


Stuck in the doorway? They couldn't handle it.

The game's first safehouse includes a bottleneck where other players are unable to pass if you stand in their way.

Players spawn in a small room after meeting one of the game's main characters, Faye Lau, in a cut-scene.

People are blocking others from moving on by simply standing in the open doorway - or, if they want to troll players even more, by standing there waving or performing jumping jack emotes in their faces.

The Division officially launched at midnight, meaning the game's opening areas are continually busy with people.

We went to test out the method ourself and found others already doing it. When they eventually moved, we then took our turn. People did not seem pleased.

Reddit users suggest there is a workaround, however - by persevering with a griefer and running on the spot. After a few seconds you will phase through them and continue on. What you shouldn't do is keep pushing and backing up to try and squeeze around the griefer - as this will continue to block your way past.

Our own research shows you can get past if you run on the spot next to them for a while - but not via walking or via continued pushing. You can't shove your way past. Still, most players do not realise this - the majority ended up standing, defeated:

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